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Managing multiple Airbnb properties can quickly become overwhelming, especially as your business grows and peak seasons bring in a flurry of guests. Ensuring that each property is cleaned thoroughly and on time is crucial for maintaining high guest satisfaction and securing positive reviews. However, the administrative burden of scheduling, paying, and monitoring cleaners can consume significant time and resources. Efficiently automating the cleaning process not only maintains a high standard of cleanliness but also allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Here are five top tips to help you automate your Airbnb cleaning, saving you time, effort, and money.

1. Auto-Schedule Cleaning

Manually scheduling cleaning for multiple properties can be a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, platforms like Turno offer a smart solution.

Turno allows you to import bookings from various Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Airbnb,, VRBO, and others into a single, comprehensive application. This automation ensures that cleaners are scheduled for check-out dates promptly and efficiently. By reducing the administrative workload and minimizing the risk of scheduling conflicts or missed cleanings, you ultimately save time and money. Additionally, as your business evolves, so do the needs of your properties. Regularly updating your cleaning checklist ensures that all tasks are current and relevant. Including seasonal tasks, deep cleaning schedules, and property-specific instructions can help maintain high standards and prevent issues. Automating the scheduling process ensures consistency and reliability, contributing to a seamless guest experience.

2. Set-Up Automated Payments

Paying cleaners can be another tedious task, especially if you manage properties in different locations with varying payment terms.

With Turno, you can set up automated payments in 26 different currencies, streamlining the payment process for both you and your cleaners. Cleaners are typically paid per task rather than on a monthly basis, and automating this process ensures that payments are made accurately and on time. This fosters a good working relationship with your cleaners and reduces the chances of payment errors or delays.

Automated payments not only simplify your financial management but also enhance the trust and reliability between you and your cleaning staff. By ensuring timely and accurate payments, you can retain high-quality cleaners and avoid the administrative headaches associated with manual payment processing.

3. Finding Reputable Vacation Rental Cleaners

Finding trustworthy and reliable cleaners is crucial for maintaining the quality of your Airbnb rentals.

Turno provides access to a network of vetted cleaners with good reputations, so you can hire with confidence. The platform also offers filtering options, allowing you to select cleaners based on location, budget, and other preferences. This targeted approach helps you find cleaners who meet your specific needs and standards, ensuring that your properties are always in top condition for guests.

Moreover, providing your cleaners with high-quality cleaning supplies can make a significant difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of your cleaning team. Stocking each property with the necessary tools and products can reduce cleaning time and improve results, ultimately enhancing the guest experience. By combining a network of reputable cleaners with the right supplies, you can ensure consistent and superior cleanliness across all your properties.

4. Track Your Cleaner

Being able to monitor the progress of your cleaners without being physically present can greatly enhance your management efficiency.

Turno enables you to track your cleaner’s progress through a detailed checklist that cleaners can mark off as they complete tasks. Cleaners can also upload photographs as proof of completion, giving you peace of mind and ensuring accountability. This system builds trust between hosts and cleaners, as it allows cleaners to demonstrate their thoroughness and hosts to verify that all cleaning tasks have been completed to their satisfaction. Clear communication is key to effective cleaning management. Ensure that your cleaners understand your expectations, have access to detailed checklists, and know how to report issues. Regular feedback and open lines of communication can improve performance and address any concerns promptly. By maintaining a clear and accountable system, you can ensure that your properties are cleaned to the highest standards, even from afar.

5. Save on Cleaning Costs with an Airbnb Smoke Monitor

Smoking inside your properties can lead to significant cleaning costs and potential damage.

Investing in an Airbnb smoking monitor like Alertify can help you quickly intervene if a guest is caught smoking. These devices detect smoke and can send real-time alerts, allowing you to address the issue promptly. After-incident reports generated by the smoking monitor can be used to file claims with Airbnb or withhold the security deposit, helping you recover costs associated with cleaning and potential damage. This proactive approach not only saves money but also helps maintain a smoke-free environment for future guests.

Implementing smoke monitors can significantly reduce the risk of property damage and additional cleaning expenses. By staying proactive, you protect your investment and ensure a healthier environment for all your guests.


By implementing these automation tips, you can streamline your Airbnb cleaning processes, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure that your properties remain in pristine condition. Auto-scheduling cleanings, setting up automated payments, finding reputable cleaners, tracking cleaning progress, and using smoke monitors are all strategies that contribute to a more efficient and reliable cleaning process. This comprehensive approach allows you to focus more on growing your business and providing exceptional guest experiences.

Automating your cleaning processes not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances guest satisfaction and property upkeep. As you adopt these strategies, you’ll find that managing multiple properties becomes more manageable, allowing you to scale your business with confidence.