Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas For Airbnb Hosts

Gift for Airbnb hosts

Is your friend or loved one an Airbnb host? Are you staying in an Airbnb during the holiday season and want to show appreciation to your hosts? The gift-giving season is encroaching upon us, and finding the perfect gift for those in our lives can be a difficult process sometimes. We are here to simplify this process for you. Here are the top 10 unique gift ideas for Airbnb hosts, from cozy home decor to tech gifts to help them keep their properties safe.

Home decor

1) Framed map of the city or state

A framed map of the city your host’s Airbnb is in would be a great decorative gift for their property. A great place to find these is on Etsy. Not only can you personalize them to the Airbnb host in your life, but you would be supporting an individual artist by ordering from this site.

2) Decorative vases

Decorative vases can be an excellent way to create a neutral but homey atmosphere in an Airbnb, making for a lovely gift for Airbnb hosts, especially if they have mentioned wanting more decorative items for their property. This gift could be perfect for them both for their Airbnb or their home if they would prefer to keep it in their own space.

Home appliances

3) A coffee maker

Who doesn’t love waking up in the morning and having freshly brewed coffee? A brand-new coffee machine is a perfect gift for Airbnb hosts who need an extra boost or those who would like to provide their guests with a luxurious at-home coffee experience. This coffee maker will make anyone feel right at home.

4) Cookware

Having kitchen supplies in an Airbnb goes a long way for guests. Even though they might not seem like a big deal, it is a frequently asked question of incoming guests whether or not there are cooking utensils available. These little things that make guests feel more comfortable create the opportunity for Airbnb hosts to receive higher ratings and more returning guests. This is only positive for their business.

Comfort Items

5) Scented candles

Scented candles are an excellent comfort gift and help to create a peaceful and cozy ambiance in your loved one’s Airbnb. Warm, holiday-themed scents are perfect for this time of year. If you are a current guest looking to provide a thank-you gift to your host and need to know what scents they prefer, stick to something fresh and clean. These are perfect for Airbnbs. A great candle to get is WoodWick. Not only is it an eco-friendly alternative, but it emulates the sound of a crackling fire.

6) Nice blankets

In the cold seasons, warm throw blankets are essential. There are few things better than curling up on the couch, coffee in hand, and tucking in under a soft blanket. Your friends, family members, or their Airbnb guests will love them.

Tech gifts

7) Smart lock

Does your Airbnb host loved one need some tech integrated into their Airbnb? If so, smart locks can be beneficial. They help lighten the load of Airbnb hosts in that they don’t necessarily have to be present to help their guests into the property. Smart locks allow guests to enter the property with a code pre-set by the host. They are also very appreciated by guests because they make the experience more luxurious and hassle-free.

8) Home monitor

Home monitors are great gifts for Airbnb hosts because it has the potential to relieve any stress they might feel about leaving their Airbnb to strangers. These devices are non-invasive ways for Airbnb hosts to ensure that no parties are taking place at their Airbnb and allow them to intervene before any might happen. Home monitors are especially helpful gifts to any Airbnb hosts who might just be starting. They generally work by monitoring noise decibel levels, cigarette smoke, occupancy levels, and temperature changes.

Something for them

9) Cookbook

Do you know if the Airbnb host in your life enjoys cooking? Or, as a current guest, have you noticed if the Airbnb is decorated with different cookbooks? Then gifting them a new cookbook may be a great gift to give them. People always appreciate personal gifts, and if you are struggling to decide what to get them, ask yourself: what items do they have around their Airbnb? Asking yourself this question will give you some direction about what they might appreciate receiving.

10) Magnets

A cute little gift to give your Airbnb host, whatever your relationship with them, could be a magnet of the city you are in. Little collections people sometimes keep are magnets of where they have traveled to. If they are missing their own city, add it for them! Or, bring along a magnet from our own city. You could start them off on a fun new collection in their Airbnb.