Welcome to a new era of school safety

Alertify for education: enhancing school safety and learning environments

At Alertify, we understand that a safe learning environment is the foundation of educational excellence. Our state-of-the-art monitoring system is designed specifically for educational settings, integrating advanced noise, smoke, and now, groundbreaking gunshot detection technology. With Alertify, schools can foster a secure and conducive atmosphere for learning, ensuring peace of mind for educators, students, and parents alike.

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Gunshot detection in schools and on campuses (coming soon)

Alertify's gunshot detection technology offers vital security measures for educational institutions, providing real-time alerts and precise location data to swiftly respond to potential threats, ensuring the safety of students and staff.

Noise monitoring solutions for educational settings

Maintain optimal learning environments with Alertify's noise monitoring solutions. Our advanced technology detects and reports excessive noise levels, ensuring students can focus and learn effectively.

Cigarette and marijuana smoking detection in schools

Combat smoking-related risks and maintain smoke-free campuses with Alertify's smoking detection technology. Detect cigarette and marijuana smoking incidents promptly to uphold health and safety standards.

Air quality detection for safer learning environments

Create healthier spaces for students and staff with Alertify's air quality detection systems. Monitor and manage air quality parameters in real time to promote safer and more comfortable learning environments.

Alertify’s advanced features for the education sector

Enhancing safety measures in education with real-time notifications

Receive instant notifications of incidents with Alertify’s real-time alert systems. Stay informed and take proactive measures to address behavioral concerns promptly.

Locate where the problem lies in schools

Pinpoint safety concerns and security threats within educational facilities with Alertify’s precise monitoring capabilities. Identify problem areas and take decisive action to mitigate risks effectively.

Empowering safety in education with incident reports

Empower safety protocols with comprehensive incident reports from Alertify. Gain valuable insights and evidence to address noise and smoking incidents and uphold quality standards across educational settings.

Instant insights from advanced data and analytics

Gain access to real-time data on smoking incidents, noise violations and air quality status. By visualizing data in a user-friendly interface, Alertify’s live dashboard enables staff to track trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions to enhance safety measures.

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Together, we can create a safer learning environment for everyone

Empowering educators and protecting students

Alertify empowers educators to focus on what they do best—teach. With our reliable monitoring system, schools can preemptively address potential safety risks, ensuring a distraction-free environment conducive to learning. Our technology not only reacts to incidents but also prevents them, marking a proactive approach to school safety.

A safer, smarter community

Schools across the nation are already experiencing the benefits of Alertify. From enhancing student safety to improving learning conditions, our system offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges facing educational institutions today. Join us in creating a safer, smarter future for education.

Alertify at a glance

Sophisticated Gunshot Detection Technology

Cigarette and Marijuana Detection

Gauge Noise Decibel Levels

Monitor indoor Air Quality and CO2 levels

Privacy Protected: No Cameras or Recordings

Quick, Effortless Installation

Built in Backup Battery

Pin-point Precise Incident Locations

Immediate Automated Alerts

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