The Holidays You’ll Need Room Monitors For In Your Hotel

4th of July noise

As the high tourism season begins to wind up again, a few holidays come with it. While they are great fun to celebrate, sometimes celebrations can get out of hand. Especially considering the number of people who travel just for these holidays and enjoy them by drinking and partying. None of these things is bad, but sometimes things can get carried away. When guests get carried away on holidays, they can cause noise complaints in your hotel. While noise complaints seem harmless, they can deeply and negatively affect your business. Luckily, there is a perfect solution for this. Let’s take a look at why you should have hotel room monitors installed for the spring and summer holidays.

How Room Monitors Help Your Hotel

Every room monitor’s features will depend based on the brand, but they generally all monitor for excessive noise in the rooms they are installed in. Room monitors are privacy-safe devices and do not listen to conversations but monitor noise decibel levels. Considering that the most common complaint hoteliers receive is a noise complaint, noise monitors are a fantastic tool for minimizing these instances. Even though noise complaints are the most common complaints made in hotels, only 25% of all noise complaints go reported. But that doesn’t mean the other 75% doesn’t affect your business. The other 75% of noise complaints come back to you through online reviews, which is even more detrimental. When you reduce noise complaints in your hotel, your staff can be more efficient and focus their efforts on other areas.

Now, noisy guests are only sometimes guaranteed. There are seasons where you can bank on fewer guests, such as the winter, since fewer people are traveling, which could mean fewer noise complaints. However, spring, summer, and the holidays in between are when you will want room monitors installed in your hotels.

St. Patricks Day

On average, Dublin receives 100,000 visitors annually to celebrate and visit the legendary parade. This parade has only gotten bigger since leaving the COVID-19 lockdowns behind, and travel has picked up again. In fact, this year’s festival is said to be the biggest yet, as half a million visitors are expected in Dublin to attend. This is great for tourism, the local economy, and those visiting the festival. However, situations can arise that are not so great. For example, the St. Patricks Day festival in 2022 resulted in several noise complaints and fines addressed by the police. This is a situation that could have been aided by room monitoring devices. While they cannot guarantee that guests creating noise violations will quiet down immediately, they allow hoteliers to intervene before having to involve the police.

Fourth of July

In 2022, about 143 million people traveled to celebrate this holiday. Of course, the fireworks of the Fourth of July already make this a loud holiday. And while you might think most complaints would come from illegal fireworks, they actually come from noise complaints from parties. In fact, the most amount of noise complaints made in New York City is on the Fourth of July. And these complaints are usually about parties. Of course, noise is not the only event that comes from excessive parties. It can happen that unwarranted indoor smoking occurs and damage to furniture and property. This is why it is so important to use room monitors to protect your hotel on these holidays. The potential damages from party risk guests can only end up costing your business.

Labor Day

While Labor Day itself isn’t a particularly eventful holiday, the Labor Day long weekend is. In 2022, it was found that 137 million people traveled to celebrate the holiday and long weekend. That is 53% of Americans traveling for the holiday. In New York City, while Labor Day is not the noisiest holiday of the year, it is one of the noisiest holidays of the year in the city. This is for the same reason as the Fourth of July. That reason being parties. Room monitors will never be able to prevent your hotel from hosting party guests. However, they can absolutely help you and your hotel get ahead of any situations that may result in complaints. When you get ahead of these situations, you create a better environment for your other guests, your staff can focus their efforts elsewhere, and you maintain positive online ratings.

Consider Room Monitors For Your Hotel

A great room monitor to protect your hotel rooms from excessive noise, unwarranted smoking, and high occupancy levels is Alertify. Alertify is a small, plug-in, and privacy-safe device that allows hoteliers to intervene before severe damages or complaints occur. This is because Alertify notifies users via customizable notifications if excessive noise, indoor smoking, or high occupancy levels occur. After installing Alertify sensors, users have access to the Alertify online portal. The online portal is where you can view downloadable reports of these activities. You can print and use these reports in disputes against fraudulent chargebacks if necessary. Now, you have the proof you need to prove damages from guests stay. Install Alertify to protect your hotel from the spring and summertime holidays.