Last updated on March 22, 2023


Alertify offers one subscription, which includes the sensor, server processing, real-time notifications, and access to historical data and reports. This subscription renews annually.

Payment and Subscription Renewals

Payment for the subscription occurs automatically and annually. Payment for the subscription fee will be processed through our payment gateway partner. You must provide accurate billing information, including your name, billing address, and payment details. Once the payment for the subscription has been made, the payment will be non-refundable. If the payment is unsuccessful for any reason, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your subscription.


If the subscriber wishes to cancel the subscription, they must do so via email 30 days prior to the subscription renewal date. Upon cancellation, the devices must be shipped back to the address specified by us, and shipping must be paid for by the user.

  1. The Alertify device is not a smoke detector nor a suitable replacement for a smoke detector.
  2. The Alertify device does not serve as a replacement for carbon monoxide detectors nor is it a suitable replacement for one
  3. The Alertify device monitors noise decibel levels, indoor smoking from cigarettes or marijuana, temperature changes, elevated occupancy levels, humidity, CO, CO2 levels and mold risk, among other features.
  4. The Alertify device is a 100% privacy-compliant device. The sensor does not listen to or record conversations or audio, nor does it contain a camera. Alertify is not responsible for any third-party hacking of the device and repurposing.

Use of Data

Alertify records data in the installed location to detect excessive noise, indoor smoking from cigarettes or marijuana, temperature changes, humidity, CO, CO2, air quality, elevated occupancy levels, and mold risk. We, the company, do not share this information with third parties. The historical data collected is for users to view on their dashboards the properties in which the device is installed.