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Noise monitoring and indoor smoking monitor for airbnb hosts and short term rentals

Alertify monitors for noise decibel levels, indoor smoking and vaping, elevated occupancy levels, and more. All while being 100% privacy compliant.

Recognize these problems?

Party risk guests

Damages from unwarranted parties in your Airbnb or short term rental are often not discovered until a guest has left the property. Unwarranted parties often result in severe damages that require time and money to fix.

Noise complaints

Noise complaints are often some of the most common complaints to receive, and they harm your relationships with your neighbors, property managers, and community. Repairing your reputation as a host can be very difficult if noise complaints go unhandled, making it even more difficult to operate your business.

Indoor smoking

Unwarranted indoor smoking can damage your furniture, walls, or linens. Indoor smoking requires extra time and heavier cleaning materials to eliminate the smell. It can even cause you to delay or cancel upcoming bookings, resulting in negative reviews. Just one indoor smoking incident can cost an average of $600.

Negative reviews can cause you to lose up to 70% of future bookings and will harm your short term rentals online standing

Fraudulent chargebacks

Even if you are able to prove guest damages to your OTA, it is a common occurrence for guests to fraudulently chargeback damage fees due to a lack of proof. These instances leave you responsible for paying for all damages.

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How Alertify prevents problems

Alertify device

Alertify is a completely privacy safe monitoring device that monitors for excessive noise, indoor smoking, elevated occupancy and more.


If Alertify detects excessive noise, indoor cigarette and vape smoking or elevated occupancy in your Airbnb or short term rental you will be alerted in real-time. Now, you can get ahead of noise complaints or guest damages.


In the Alertify dashboard, you can view the live status of the noise decibel levels, indoor smoking, temperature levels and air quality of your properties. In the dashboard you can also access historical data of guest violations.


When guest violations have come to an end, you will receive an after-incident report that details specific information about the incident that took place. After-incident reports can be submitted to OTAs such as Airbnb as evidence of guest violations in the event of deposit disputes or fraudulent chargebacks.

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Use Alertify to its fullest potential by integrating with your PMS software.

  • See in real-time which guests are causing violations
  • Guest contact information is included in notifications
  • Guest reservation details are included in after-incident reports
  • Have Alertify automatically reach out to guests if indoor smoking or noise is being detected (coming soon)

More coming soon!

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Alertify is 100% privacy safe and does not listen to or record conversations. Alertify only monitors noise decibel levels.

Yes, using noise decibel monitoring, indoor smoke monitoring and occupancy monitoring Alertify alerts you to potential parties in your Airbnb.

We recommend disclosing the use of Alertify in your online listings.

If a guest at your Airbnb or short term rental unplugs your device, you will receive a notification, and the backup battery will turn on. Alertify will continue monitoring and you will know to plug it back in as soon as you are able to.

Alertify monitors ambient temperature and humidity with an onboard sensor. Because this is always active, we can monitor for changes all the time and establish patterns.

That’s what we’re great at. We’ll let you know if a party is happening or about to happen based on active noise levels and increases in occupancy. If a large group walks into a two person studio, you’ll know about it and be able to deal with the problem.

Yes. Alertify detects cigarette or vape particles through a sophisticated particle sensor.

For a small apartment or home, one device is enough. If you want more accuracy, or have a larger home or penthouse, you can install more devices.

Alertify is intended for indoor use only, and is not weatherproof. 

Yes, we can! Alertify provides proof of indoor smoking or excessive noise in the form of an after-incident report. These reports can be used as evidence in Airbnb, VRBO or credit card disputes. 

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