Protect your property for less than $0.50 a day

Standard Plan

$ 180
Billed annually
  • 1 Alertify sensor
  • Real-time notifications
  • Alertify dashboard
  • Historical data
  • After incident reports

Here's what's included

Alertify sensor

The Alertify sensor is a small, plug-in device. The device comes with back-up battery power.

Real-time notifications

Set custom thresholds for noise and other violations and receive real-time notifications by email and sms.

Alertify dashboard

Access the Alertify dashboard on your computer or smartphone to customize settings, manage preferences and view live data.

Historical data

Go back in time to stay in the know of what's happening in your unit at all times. Download graphs or export data to a csv.

After incident reports

Save or print after incident reports of violations that took place. Use these reports to claim damage deposits or settle disputes objectively.

Not convinced? You should be!

  • Alertify
  • Minut
  • NoiseAware
Cigarette smoke
Vape smoke
Marijuana smoke
Air quality(AQI)
CO2 levels
Documentary evidence
Backup power source
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