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Alertify Pro

Billed annually
Alertify sensor
Real-time notifications
Unlimited data history
After incident reports
Noise monitoring
Indoor smoking detection
Guest Screening
Guest Alert
CO2 monitoring
Air quality monitoring
Temperature & humidity monitoring
Mold risk detection

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The Alertify room monitor is a sleek and compact plug-in device designed to enhance your monitoring capabilities. This device boasts the added advantage of backup battery power, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring, even when unplugged. With a strong commitment to privacy, Alertify detects various types of violations discreetly and effectively.

Explore historical insights and stay informed about your property’s past.
Delve into the past with our historical data feature, ensuring you’re always in the loop about your property. Retrieve graphs or export data to a CSV format for a comprehensive understanding of your unit’s history.

Post-incident reports: preserve records of violations for resolution.
Secure and document post-incident reports of violations that occurred. These reports can be saved or printed and serve as valuable records for damage deposit claims or impartial dispute resolution.

Enhance guest verification with Alertify. Harness the power of Alertify’s custom-branded guest screening platform to verify guest reservation details, conduct thorough ID and payment verifications, and ensure a secure and reliable booking process. With Alertify’s guest screening, you can trust your guests before they even set foot in your apartment.

Tailor alerts to your needs with custom thresholds and instant notifications.
Take control of your monitoring experience with Alertify. Easily set personalized thresholds for noise and other violations, and enjoy the convenience of receiving instant, real-time notifications via email and SMS. Your preferences, your alerts – it’s that simple.

Seamlessly integrate Alertify with your Property Management System (PMS) and let us handle tenant notifications on your behalf, whether it’s via email, SMS, or both. Tailor alerts to suit your needs, modify content, include follow-up notifications, and choose to receive or opt out of notifications at your convenience. Simplify tenant communication with Alertify.

Extra in Alertify Pro

Detect temperature in your properties, short-term rentals, and hotel rooms. Effortlessly monitor temperature ranges within your properties, short-term rentals, and hotel rooms. Guarantee that air conditioning remains at the ideal comfort level—neither too hot nor too cold—while ensuring it doesn’t run unnecessarily in vacant rooms.

Don’t allow mold to ruin your property. Stay mold-free with Alertify’s mold risk monitoring. Alertify diligently monitors humidity levels and promptly alerts you if your property is susceptible to mold growth. Ensure your property remains mold-free with our diligent tracking system, preserving the pristine appearance of your spaces.

Breathe easy with air quality monitoring. Experience continuous air quality monitoring within your hotel room or property, thanks to Alertify. Our PM sensor actively tracks fine particulate matter levels, offering insights into air quality, while Alertify’s CO2 detector ensures your property maintains adequate ventilation. Keep informed about the air you’re breathing.

Alertify’s humidity monitoring capability allows property owners and managers to track and manage humidity levels within their spaces effectively. By preventing excessive humidity, Alertify helps mitigate the risk of potential issues such as rust, mold growth and property damage. This feature ensures a healthier and more comfortable environment, contributing to the overall well-being of both the property and its occupants.

Alertify Pro pays for itself...

For only $0.16 more per day, you can enjoy daily savings of $1.76 by ensuring that air conditioning remains off in unoccupied rooms.*

*Assuming guests are vacant for 8 hours a day. And assuming a typical AC unit wattage of 1500 watts and $0.15 per kWh taking the average electricity price for residential customers in the United States as of January 2023.

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Indoor smoking
Temperature & Humidity
Air quality
CO2 Levels
Documentary evidence
Backup power source

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