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Stop guests from smoking indoors and stinking up the hotel room. Prevent complaints and costly damages.

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Alertify also monitors for elevated occupancy, temperature levels, and air quality.

Hotels incur an average cost of


per smoking incident.

Noise is the


complaint among hotel guests.

Regulating the air conditioner temperature can save


every month.

What do preventable
problems cost?

Indoor smoking within hotel rooms can lead to extensive cleaning, resulting in additional expenses. The aftermath often includes burns, ash stains, and lingering odors on furniture, requiring the room to be unavailable for days or even weeks.

On average, cleaning up after an indoor smoking incident in hotel rooms can cost between $600 and $1,000. This doesn’t account for the revenue lost when the room is taken out of commission due to severe smoke damage. Effective measures are essential to mitigate these costs and maintain guest satisfaction.
Though the scent of cigarette smoke may linger, proving it without concrete evidence can be challenging, and it leaves your hotel vulnerable. Customers may either refuse to pay or attempt fraudulent chargebacks, leaving your establishment to bear the expenses with limited or no proof to counter their claims.

With Alertify, you gain a powerful tool to detect and document indoor smoking incidents, ensuring you have the evidence needed to safeguard your hotel’s financial interests and reputation. Don’t let smoke-related disputes leave you exposed; let Alertify be your solution.
Noise complaints rank as the most common grievance in hotels, with a staggering 75% going unreported, eventually finding their way into online reviews. Negative online feedback, in turn, can lead to the loss of up to 70% of future bookings.

The hospitality industry thrives on the loyalty of repeat customers who typically spend three times as much as one-time guests. Failing to address and rectify the noise issue can result in the loss of these valuable patrons, harming your hotel’s reputation, and stunting its growth and profitability. Addressing noise concerns promptly is key to sustained success.
Implementing temperature monitoring in hotels is not just about guest comfort but also a strategic move for cost savings. According to industry data, proper temperature control can lead to a substantial reduction in energy costs, with potential savings of up to 20%. By ensuring optimal temperatures, hotels can extend the lifespan of HVAC systems, reducing maintenance and replacement expenses.

Moreover, this proactive approach can prevent costly damages such as frozen pipes, which can result in thousands of dollars in repair costs. With Alertify’s temperature monitoring, hotels gain a data-driven solution that contributes significantly to the bottom line by minimizing operational expenses and maximizing energy efficiency.

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Alertify device

Alertify is a completely privacy safe monitoring device that monitors for excessive noise, indoor smoking, elevated occupancy and more.

Secure stays

Elevate hospitality management with Guest Screening that ensures a secure check-in, with ID verifications and customized questions. Combine it with Guest Alerts, integrated with your PMS, for automated communication. Get on board for a smoother, safer guest experience.
Elevate hospitality management with Guest Screening that ensures a secure check-in, with ID verifications and customized questions. Combine it with Guest Alerts, integrated with your PMS, for automated communication. Get on board for a smoother, safer guest experience.
Integrate seamlessly with your PMS, automating email and SMS notifications for violations, while allowing customization and follow-ups. This approach ensures guests respect hotel rules, without needing staff policing them. Reduce disputes, and enhance your hospitality and operational efficiency.

Stay in the know

Discover numerous avenues to stay informed and in command with Alertify. Enhance your proactive management strategy with our all-encompassing solution, equipping you with essential tools to stay ahead and empowered.
If Alertify detects excessive noise or indoor smoking, you will receive notifications in real-time. These notifications allow you to address the situation immediately and, in doing so, prevent noise complaints or damage from indoor smoking.
In the dashboard, you can view live graphs of the current noise, air quality values, temperature levels, and more for your rooms. You can also access historical data of past guest violations and download documentary evidence reports of guest violations.
After violations have ended, you will receive after incident reports by email that contain specific details of the violation that took place. These reports can also be downloaded from the dashboard, and used as evidence in the event of guest disputes or fraudulent chargebacks.

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As long as your Wi-Fi has a username and password for logging in, Alertify will connect to it.

Alertify is a noise monitoring device that is 100% privacy compliant. The Alertify device only monitors noise decibel levels.

Alertify has a backup battery that will keep it connected to the Wi-Fi even after it gets unplugged. You will also receive a notification as soon as it becomes unplugged, so you can remedy this as soon as possible.

We recommend that violation notifications be sent to the hotels group email system, however you can add multiple phone numbers to receive notifications.

Alertify is $180/year, which boils down to less than 0.50 cents per day

Yes, Alertify detects cigarette or vape particles through a sophisticated particle sensor

Yep. Our accurate particle sensor combined with smart software allows us to detect if somebody is smoking cannabis in one of your rooms

That’s the name of our game for business. We’ll let you know if a party is happening or about to happen based on active noise levels and increases in occupancy. If a large group walks into a two person room, you’ll know about it.

For hotels, we recommend one device per hotel room. For a very large suite or penthouse, more sensors provide better accuracy. 

Yes! When a guest violation such as indoor smoking or excessive noise comes to an end, you will receive an after-incident report. After-incident reports can be submitted as evidence in the event of deposit disputes or fraudulent chargebacks.

Room monitoring can positively effect your online reviews because it prevents noise complaints. Unreported noise complaints often show up on negative online reviews. 

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