Top 5 Must-Have Tech For Hoteliers In 2023

Travel tech for hoteliers

Keeping up with trends in technology is essential to every industry. The hospitality industry is not an exception to this. Customers expect ease, and even small details such as contactless payments or room service tablets go a long way in making the experience you provide to guests luxurious. It is also important to remember the importance of keeping up with consumer expectations. It would be best if you did so at the right time to make it easier to catch up later. This cannot be easy, as consumer expectations are constantly changing. So, without further ado, we have the best 5 must-have tech for hoteliers this coming New Year.

Personalization for guests from tech for hoteliers

Through cookies and AI technology which hotels utilize, hoteliers can gather a large amount of personal data from their guests. This allows hoteliers to provide a more personalized experience for their guests. Knowing what guests like and don’t like, or even just knowing the purpose of their trip, allows hoteliers to utilize technology to their advantage. For example, if an incoming couple is visiting your hotel for their honeymoon or anniversary, your staff may want to provide the couple with a complimentary bottle of champagne. One of the hospitality industry’s main objectives is anticipating guests’ needs. The right technology helps hoteliers to do just that.

Automated process

When arriving at a hotel, the last thing incoming guests want to do is spend excessive time not being helped into their rooms. Automating your administrative processes will go a long way in helping your hotel run more efficiently. This is especially necessary for 2023. We are the furthest away we have been from the COVID-19 pandemic, and travel will only continue to increase on local, domestic, and international levels.

Automating your process by allowing incoming guests to check in via their mobile devices will speed up your check-in process. Your guests and your staff will thank you for this, as the process will be sped up, and your team can focus on other tasks. You can also automate some of your staff’s administrative tasks by ensuring they are equipped with the right software to help them optimize their time. You can also set up automated messages for your guests for any information they might need about their stay.

Contactless payments

Contactless payments have become the norm since the recent pandemic. Now, between most carbs being updated to be contactless and the popularity of Apple Pay, it is a standard. Providing the option for contactless payment for your guests is a small detail that makes the payment process more efficient. Additionally, it communicates to your guests that your hotel is keeping up with the times. If your hotel still needs to hop on this trend, it is time to.

As of 2021, 76% of US hoteliers have offered contactless payment options to their guests. Offering contactless payments in your hotels makes your checkout process more efficient. This is because it shortens the amount of time it takes to check out, which will also shorten your check-out lines. This is especially helpful considering that there are usually many groups checking out at the same time.

Internet of Things (IoT)

For those who don’t know, the Internet of Things is how different technologies and software interact. An example of the internet of things being used in a hotel room would be a tablet connected to the room, which might open and close the curtains, control the temperature, adjust the lights, order room service, etc. This type of feature allows guests a certain amount of customization to their stay. The comfort and ease of this level of customization help the guest have a more enjoyable time at your hotel. It also makes your accommodations feel higher quality. Through this kind of technological integration, you can also use it to personalize your guests’ experience further.

Room monitoring

Privacy-safe room monitoring is a crucial way for hoteliers to utilize technology to protect their hotel rooms from potential party risk guests and damages. Devices such as Alertify can monitor noise decibel and occupancy levels, as well as detect cigarette smoke and temperature changes. All by plugging Alertify into a wall. It is important to note that Alertify does not listen to conversations. With a room monitoring device such as Alertify, hoteliers receive customizable notifications if any of the listed activities occur.

Also, hoteliers can access an online portal to view individual reports of what infractions occurred and when. Not only does this allow hoteliers to intervene before any potential damages from parties or unwarranted smoking might occur. It also allows hoteliers proof against chargebacks if they need to keep a guest’s security deposit to repair a room. Install Alertify today and keep up with the must-have tech for hoteliers this coming year.