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Take Control of Your Check-In Experience

Tailor the check-in process to meet your specific needs. Customize it to be as comprehensive or straightforward as you desire. Infuse your brand’s identity with custom colors and logos for a seamless, branded appearance on your website. Craft personalized questions that address unique needs and preferences, whether it’s dietary preferences or special accommodation requests. Effortlessly gather essential information that enhances your guests’ experience.

Streamline guest
background verification

Guest Screening allows you to verify reservation details with ease, conduct rigorous ID and payment verifications, and get answers to customized screening questions to match your standards and house rules. Enhance guest quality and bolster security while minimizing the risk of fraudulent bookings.

Check-in with ease

With Guest Screening, you’re in control, ensuring a smooth check-in process and peace of mind for both your team and your guests. It’s your key to elevating your business reputation, reducing risks, and focusing on what you do best – creating memorable and secure stays. 

Comprehensive incident documentation

In the event of undesirable guest behavior despite the guest screening process, documentary evidence reports will meticulously capture all vital details. These reports offer a clear and objective overview of incidents, outlining specific details such as time, location, and individuals involved. Armed with this valuable data, you can promptly address any disputes, claims, or issues that may arise.

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Enhanced Security

Risk Reduction

Reduced Fraud

Improved Reputation

Time and Resource Efficiency

Tailored Guest Pools


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