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Alertify is a 100% privacy complaint room monitoring device which monitors noise decibel levels and indoor smoking for property managers.

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What's the true cost of
preventable violations?

Excessive noise can lead to noise complaints and disputes between neighbors. Noise and noise-related issues can cause a recurring headache for property managers. It’s a common grievance that can divert substantial amounts of your valuable time, which could be better utilized in efficiently managing your property management business.
Dealing with tenants who consistently disregard quiet hours and frequently host large-scale parties can be a challenge, especially when it becomes a matter of their word against the neighbors’ complaints. But with Alertify, you’ll have the concrete evidence required to resolve such disputes effectively.
Indoor smoking, whether it involves cigarettes or marijuana, poses significant hidden risks to your property. It’s a challenge that often remains concealed until after a tenant has vacated, by which time the damage can already amount to thousands of dollars. Restoring a property marred by indoor smoking typically involves extensive and costly measures, including new wallpaper, carpeting, multiple coats of paint, and thorough surface cleaning.
Alertify empowers property managers in the fight against fraudulent chargebacks. With easily accessible incident reports on the Alertify dashboard, managers gain irrefutable evidence, offering a comprehensive view of the incident details. This transparency not only protects property managers from unwarranted financial losses but also streamlines dispute resolution, providing a robust solution to safeguard property owners’ interests. With Alertify, property managers confidently navigate the challenges of fraudulent chargebacks, ensuring financial stability and the integrity of their managed properties.

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Alertify device

Alertify is a completely privacy safe monitoring device that monitors for excessive noise, indoor smoking, elevated occupancy and more.

Protect your property hands-free

Customized screening and automated communication for rule violations, empower Property Managers to enhance security, prevent disputes, and streamline daily operations. Experience hands-free protection and revolutionize your property management.
Customized screening and automated communication for rule violations, empower Property Managers to enhance security, prevent disputes, and streamline daily operations. Experience hands-free protection and revolutionize your property management.
Automate tenant communication. Flexible host preferences offer control while enhancing the guest experience and reducing dispute risks. Experience peace of mind and operational efficiency with this invaluable tool.

Stay in the know

Receive notifications in real time, monitor key data on your intuitive dashboard, and access detailed violation and incident reports. Our integrated system keeps you informed, in control, and better equipped to manage your properties efficiently.
When excessive noise or indoor smoking is detected, you will receive notifications in real-time. Now, you can get ahead of neighbor disputes and use Alertify devices to solve them.
In the Alertify dashboard, you can view real-time data for decibel levels, indoor smoking, air quality and more. Historical data is stored in your dashboard and can be viewed or exported at any time.
When guest violations have come to an end, you will receive an after-incident report that details specific information about the incident that took place. After-incident reports can be submitted to OTAs such as Airbnb as evidence of guest violations in the event of deposit disputes or fraudulent chargebacks.

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Yes, as a property manager you can do that. We recommend doing this to solve ongoing neighbor disputes.

No, Alertify can only monitor noise decibel levels. The device does not listen to nor record conversations.

You will receive a notification via sms and/or email if indoor smoking is detected. It is important to remember that if your Alertify device is plugged-in near a kitchen, it may also pick up on cooking.

Yes! Alertify monitors the AQI wherever it is placed. If air quality is poor in your building, we’ll let you know and you can ensure clean air for your residents.

Alertify monitors ambient temperature and humidity with an onboard sensor. Because this is always active, we can monitor for changes all the time and establish patterns.

That’s what we’re great at. We’ll let you know if a party is happening or about to happen based on active noise levels and increases in occupancy. if a large group walks into a two person studio, you’ll know about it and be able to deal with the problem. 

If the device is unplugged, you’ll receive an instant notification by text and email. Alertify will continue on backup battery power to keep you up to date so you can deal with the situation.

Your Alertify device will do this for you. All you need to do is set thresholds and quiet Horus. You don’t even need to do that, Alertify is preset to detect loud noises and parties, and will notify you as soon as it detects one. You’ll be able to resolve the problem and avoid lengthy disputes with landlords and neighbors.

Absolutely. Our device was built with privacy in mind. The device has no cameras, nor does it record or transmit any sound.

Yes, Alertify detects cigarette or vape particles through a sophisticated particle sensor.

Yep. our accurate particle sensor combined with smart software allows us to detect if somebody is smoking cannabis in one of your rooms.

For property managers, we recommend one device per property unless the property is very large, such as a penthouse unit with multiple floors.

Yes, Alertify’s after incident reports provide proof after a violation has occurred. These reports can be submitted as documentary evidence when handling neighbor disputes. 

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