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Alertify is a 100% privacy complaint room monitoring device which monitors noise decibel levels and indoor smoking for property managers.

What's the true cost of preventable violations?

Noise disputes with neighbors

Noise is a nuisance and noisy neighbors one of the most common disputes between neighbors and a common complaint for property managers.

Dealing with noise complaints will cost you a considerable amount of time as a property manager or landlord. Time better spent managing your business.

Indoor smoking

Indoor smoking of cigarettes or marijuana can be incredibly damaging to your property, and hard to catch as a landlord.

Indoor smoking is usually only discovered after a tenant has left, and damages can be in the thousands of dollars. Properties often require new wallpaper, carpeting and several coats of paint in addition to extensive cleaning of all surfaces.

Noise & Occupancy levels

Some tenants may be regularly violating quiet hours and hosting large scale parties reguarly. Often, its their word against the neighbors complaints. With Alertify, you’ll have the evidence you need for such disputes.

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How Alertify prevents the problem

Alertify device

Alertify is a 100% privacy complaint noise and smoke monitoring device that can help you keep the peace in your properties.


When excessive noise or indoor smoking is detected, you will receive notifications in real-time. Now, you can get ahead of neighbor disputes and use Alertify devices to solve them.


In the Alertify dashboard, you can view real-time data for decibel levels, indoor smoking, air quality and more. Historical data is stored in your dashboard and can be viewed or exported at any time.


When an incident has come to an end, an after-incident report is generated. These documentary evidence reports can be downloaded from your dashboard and used to resolve disputes with residents or neighbors.

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Use Alertify to its fullest potential by integrating with various software.

  • See in real-time which residents are causing violations.
  • Resident contact information is included in notifications.
  • Resident details are included in after-incident reports.
  • Have Alertify automatically reach out to residents if indoor smoking or noise is being detected (coming soon).

More coming soon!

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Yes, as a property manager you can do that. We recommend doing this to solve ongoing neighbor disputes.

No, Alertify can only monitor noise decibel levels. The device does not listen to nor record conversations.

You will receive a notification via sms and/or email if indoor smoking is detected. It is important to remember that if your Alertify device is plugged-in near a kitchen, it may also pick up on cooking.

Yes! Alertify monitors the AQI wherever it is placed. If air quality is poor in your building, we’ll let you know and you can ensure clean air for your residents.

Alertify monitors ambient temperature and humidity with an onboard sensor. Because this is always active, we can monitor for changes all the time and establish patterns.

That’s what we’re great at. We’ll let you know if a party is happening or about to happen based on active noise levels and increases in occupancy. if a large group walks into a two person studio, you’ll know about it and be able to deal with the problem. 

If the device is unplugged, you’ll receive an instant notification by text and email. Alertify will continue on backup battery power to keep you up to date so you can deal with the situation.

Your Alertify device will do this for you. All you need to do is set thresholds and quiet Horus. You don’t even need to do that, Alertify is preset to detect loud noises and parties, and will notify you as soon as it detects one. You’ll be able to resolve the problem and avoid lengthy disputes with landlords and neighbors.

Absolutely. Our device was built with privacy in mind. The device has no cameras, nor does it record or transmit any sound.

Yes, Alertify detects cigarette or vape particles through a sophisticated particle sensor.

Yep. our accurate particle sensor combined with smart software allows us to detect if somebody is smoking cannabis in one of your rooms.

For property managers, we recommend one device per property unless the property is very large, such as a penthouse unit with multiple floors.

Yes, Alertify’s after incident reports provide proof after a violation has occurred. These reports can be submitted as documentary evidence when handling neighbor disputes. 

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