Prevent what you can't predict

Alertify monitors noise decibel levels, indoor smoking, elevated occupancy, and so much more.

Our device

100% Privacy compliant
Backup battery power
Available in all plug types
5 Minutes to set up
Automatically updates
Set customized noise level thresholds, receive real-time notifications, and monitor noise decibel levels within your hotel room or rental property.
Receive real-time notifications the moment indoor smoking is detected. View and download reports of smoking incidents.
Set the maximum occupancy for your hotel room or STR property, and be notified in real-time to large crowds present.
Set a temperature range for your hotel room or property, and receive alerts in real-time if things get too hot or too cold.
Uncontrolled humidity levels can impact your property's comfort. Create a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for your property with Alertify's advanced humidity tracking feature.
Mold Risk
Mold can pose a serious threat to your property's integrity and the well-being of its occupants. Continuously monitor mold risk and proactively guard your property against mold growth.
PM 2.5
Alertify has an advanced PM sensor that actively measures PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. This fine particulate matter is indicative of poor air quality and is bad for the occupants health.
Find out if your property has sufficient ventilation. In addition, CO2 data helps us better monitor occupancy levels.
Backup Battery
Alertify's build in backup battery ensures continuous monitoring even when unplugged or during power outages, providing uninterrupted protection for your property.

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Know who is staying in your property

Guest Screening Powered by Alertify
Custom Guest Screening
Custom Guest Screening: Use Alertify's integrated platform for guest verification with your PMS. Enhance security with ID and selfie matching in addition to payment authentication. Share the process via a seamless link on your website for a cohesive experience and collect data on additional guests.
Add Your Company’s Touch
Personalize the guest screening portal with your company logo and branding. Craft tailored questions for deeper insights into your arriving guests and adjust the layout to your liking. Embed house rules and guest agreements to ensure that incoming guests are well-informed about your policies and expectations.

Proactive Intervention

Real-time customizable notifications
Notification Settings
In your dashboard, you can decide if you would like to receive instant violation notifications to either your phone, your email, or both. You can enable up to two follow up notifications for violations that remain ongoing.
Custom Thresholds
Set thresholds to match your business needs. You can set violations to trigger when sound exceeds a certain level for a set amount of time. Is your property noise sensitive? Simply lower the values that trigger a violation event.
Time rules
You may not want monitoring enabled all the time. Set custom values for specific times of the day. This enables you to prevent false positives during noisy housekeeping hours, or to enforce stricter quiet hours at night.

Objective proof of violations

Download documentary evidence from your dashboard
Deposit disputes with guests
If a guest denies causing damages, you have the proof you need to withold a deposit.
Proving damages to OTA's
Submit the after-incident report as evidence for Airbnb and other OTA disputes with guests.
Fraudulent credit card chargebacks
Submit Alertify's after incident reports as evidence to banks in the event of fraudulent credit card chargebacks of deposits.

Unlock the power of historical data

Dive deep into data of the past
Delve into your dashboard
Your dashboard allows you to delve into detailed reports, offering insights into different activity levels within your units from as far back as when the device was installed.
See data of the past and present
Track both current and past guest violations effortlessly, while also monitoring live data values for noise, smoking, and more, ensuring a comprehensive view of your property's status at any given time.

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