Smart home alerts
for the rental and
hospitality industry


Peace of mind for the unpredictable

Noise violations
and parties
Smoking Indoors
AC & Heating
AC & Heating
Building Code Violations
False allegations
Neighbor relations

What is Alertify

Alertify is a smart home monitoring sensory device like no other. Alertify monitors your homes and rooms, and will send you notifications in real time based on what you have set it to monitor. As a vacation rental owner, property manager or hotelier, you’ll know if guests are breaking the rules, without ever infringing on their privacy.

Each Alertify unit contains three main sensory units

And guess what? We’ve made alertify so compact and efficient that you can comfortably fit two of them in the palm of your hand.


Cigarette & Vape Smoke Particle Detection
Active Temperature Monitoring
Active Noise Monitoring
Privacy First Design
Mobile Notifications
& Analytics

How does it work?

Alertify is easy to set up in each room or home, with an incredibly low power draw, set it and forget it after connecting to the internet.

Alertify will constantly monitor and process data in real time for sound, cigarette smoke, or if the heating was left cranked up in an empty home.

You have documented proof of irregularities in one of your rooms or homes, and are able to immediately intervene if necessary.

Set thresholds and profiles for your Alertify units in each home or room in your dashboard. Easily customize when you want to receive notifications.

When an irregularity is detected, or a preset threshold has been exceeded, Alertify will immediately send you a notification with specific information.

What if somebody tampers with, or unplugs the unit? Not a problem -- Alertify will use internal backup power to send you a notification of that too!

Privacy is our priority

We value your privacy and the privacy of your guests, and understand the importance of trust in the rental and hospitality industry. That’s why we’ve designed Alertify with privacy in mind.

Alertify encrypts all data before sending it to our servers, and no personally identifiable data is ever collected or transmitted.

Alertify exclusively monitors sound in decibels, the unit is designed with an inability to record sound on the system, or to access the microphone remotely.

Ready to get Alertify?

Launching Early 2020
For hoteliers, property managers and short term rentals.

Alertify can help you better manage your business, providing you
with unique insights and alleviate a lot of the pains that result from
problematic guests.

Contact us to learn more about what Alertify can do for your business and discuss tailored solutions.

For individuals

Alertify isn’t just for businesses, but also perfect for homeowners. Whether you Airbnb your home on occasion, or want to know if one of the kids is smoking in the house, we’ve got you covered.

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