Smart home alerts for vacation rentals and hotels


What is Alertify

Alertify is a smart home monitoring sensory device for home owners, property managers and hoteliers. You’ll receive alerts if guests are breaking the rules by throwing parties, smoking or playing loud music.


Each Alertify unit contains four main sensory units


AI powered smart monitoring of noise levels. Party going on? You'll receive a notification.


Receive notifications of temperature changes outside of your presets.

Smoke Particles

Our PM 2.5 sensor detects smoking and vaping in your home.

Occupancy Meter

Our smart occupancy meter detects large gatherings and potential parties in your home.

How does it work?

Easy to Set Up

Alertify is easy to set up in each room or home, with an incredibly low power draw, set it and forget it after connecting to the internet.

“Setting up Alertify was incredibly easy, it took 15 minutes in total”

Anna, Homeowner, New York

Easy to Customize

Set thresholds and profiles for your Alertify units in each home or room in your dashboard. Easily customize when you want to receive notifications.

Real Time Monitoring

Alertify will constantly monitor and process data in real time for sound, cigarette smoke, or if the heating was left cranked up in an empty home.

Proof of Irregularities

You have documented proof of irregularities in one of your rooms or homes, and are able to immediately intervene if necessary.

Push Notifications

When an irregularity is detected, or a preset threshold has been exceeded, Alertify will immediately send you a notification with specific information.

Privacy is our Priority

We value your privacy and the privacy of your guests, and understand the importance of trust in the rental and hospitality industry. That’s why we’ve designed Alertify with privacy in mind.

And guess what?

Alertify is discreet, compact, efficient and fits in the palm of your hand.


Launching Summer 2022

For Homeowners

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For hoteliers, property managers and short term rentals

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