How Room Monitors Keep Your Hotels Safe

You might feel skeptical about room monitors and their ability to keep your hotels safe, especially since they are a newly emerging tool for hotels and short-term rentals. However, they can be a really great way for you to keep an eye on your hotel rooms. All while respecting the privacy of your guests. Installing room monitors in your hotel’s rooms can help to promote safety for yourself, your staff, your guests, and your hotel itself. So, let’s take a look at how exactly room monitors help promote safety in your hotels.

What are room monitors?

While room monitors will vary depending on the brand, they all generally alert users to excess noise. The bottom line about room monitoring devices is that they allow hoteliers the opportunity to intervene in situations before any potential damages occur. They can either plug in or operate on battery power and use sensors to monitor noise decibel levels. Some can even alert hoteliers if any guests have smoked indoors or brought in unregistered guests. By monitoring all of these events where potential damages can occur, room monitors are a great tool to help ensure the safety of your hotels. All-around, noise monitors will help your operations and aid you in saving costs.

They Limit Party Risks

Room monitors are a fantastic tool for limiting, or even fully eliminating, the risk of parties from taking place in your hotels. While parties are not inherently dangerous. They can, however, escalate into dangerous situations. Only some parties will become overly rowdy or violent. But, plenty of fire safety risks can occur if they are smoking indoors or the occupancy levels have exceeded the maximum levels. Parties also put your hotel rooms at risk of being damaged. If any furniture or linens do become damaged, it can be very costly to replace. Even more so if it is a reoccurring event. Since they monitor noise decibel levels, room monitors will alert hoteliers in real time if the noise levels become too loud.

While hotel parties don’t always end in room damage, they usually end in noise complaints. As I am sure you already know, noise complaints are the most common complaints hoteliers receive. Noise complaints can be far more damaging to your hotel’s business than you might realize. This is because only 25% of noise complaints only go reported. The other 75% of noise complaints are not reported in the moment but are reflected in online reviews.

They Help You Improve Air Quality

To clarify, room monitors themselves do not clean or purify the air around them. Some of them, however, can tell you about the air quality in your hotel room. While this might not seem like a big deal, air quality is essential and matters more than you might think to your guests. In fact, a hotel’s air quality index impacts 77% of guests booking choices. Additionally, 52% of hotel guests would pay more to stay in a hotel with a better air quality index. Knowing the air quality index of your hotel’s rooms can help you retain or even increase your bookings, as well as help you to maintain safety in your hotels. Keeping an eye on your hotel’s air quality index can also help you ensure that your rooms are not at risk of growing mold. Room monitors can monitor growth by monitoring both the room’s temperature and humidity levels.

What could be even more critical to ensure safety in your hotels is that some room monitors can detect when guests are smoking indoors. Indoor smoking will ruin your hotel room’s air quality. And, second-hand smoke can be hazardous for both your other guests and hotel staff. Especially considering we are not entirely out of the woods with Covid-19. Not only is it a health hazard, but cigarette smoke is very damaging to the linens, wall paint, and curtains of your hotel rooms. Cleaning rooms that have been smoked in are much more expensive to clean because standard cleaning tools cannot remove the smell.

Use room monitors to ensure safety in your hotels

Installing room monitoring devices will protect your staff, guests, and hotels from potential damages and health risks. The best room monitor to promote safety in your hotels is Alertify. Alertify is a small, plug-in device with a low-power draw. While some room monitors can detect noise or occupancy, Alertify monitors it all. Between noise decibel levels, indoor smoke, occupancy levels, and air quality, Alertify will notify hoteliers to it all. If any of these violations occur, hoteliers are notified in real-time, allowing hoteliers the chance to intervene before any potential damages happen. After installing Alertify, hoteliers will have access to an online portal. Using the online portal, hoteliers can view and download reports and use them as documentary evidence should they need to settle any chargeback disputes. Now, you can promote safety in your hotels with Alertify.