Writing the Perfect Airbnb Guest Review Whether Bad or Good: Examples and Tips Included

Review your Airbnb guests

In the bustling world of Airbnb, where hosts and guests from all corners of the globe converge, the importance of reviews cannot be overstated. As a host, leaving a review for your guest is not only a courtesy but a valuable tool in shaping the reputation of your property and ensuring future guests have a seamless experience. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into why writing a review for your guest matters. We will also offer top tips for crafting honest and effective reviews, provide examples of both good and bad Airbnb guest reviews, and explore how tools like Alertify can enhance the guest experience and boost positive reviews.

Why Write a Review on Your Guest?

So, why bother putting in the effort to write a review for your guest? Well, it’s kind of like leaving breadcrumbs for other hosts to follow. Just like you rely on reviews to figure out if a potential guest is a good fit, other hosts are counting on your input too. Your review helps them decide who’s coming into their space. Additionally, it’s all about keeping things fair and square in the Airbnb world. 

By sharing your own experiences, you’re part of a big web of trust and honesty that makes the whole system work. And when everyone chips in with their two cents, it creates a space where guests know they’ve got to play by the rules and be respectful. So, your review isn’t just a little gesture – it’s a big deal that keeps the Airbnb community ticking along nicely.

Our Top Tips for Writing Honest Reviews

When it comes to reviewing your guests, honesty is key. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Be specific: When writing your review, don’t hold back on the details. Give concrete examples of what happened during the guest’s stay. Did they leave the kitchen a mess? Were they consistently late with communication? Did they break any house rules, like smoking in a non-smoking area? Specific examples help future hosts understand exactly what to expect if they host this guest.

2. Focus on behavior: Instead of just saying whether the guest was “good” or “bad,” focus on specific behaviors. Did they communicate promptly and politely, or were they difficult to get a hold of? How did they leave the space – spotless or in need of a deep clean? Did they respect your house rules, or did they ignore them? By highlighting these behaviors, you give future hosts a clearer picture of what to anticipate.

3. Stay objective: It’s important to keep personal biases in check when writing your review. Maybe you didn’t particularly like the guest for some reason, but that shouldn’t influence your review. Stick to the facts and avoid letting emotions cloud your judgment. Remember, your review should be fair and impartial, helping future hosts make informed decisions.

4. Keep it professional: No matter how frustrating the experience might have been, it’s essential to maintain a professional tone in your review. Avoid resorting to name-calling or derogatory language, even if you’re tempted. Instead, focus on providing constructive feedback in a respectful manner. This not only reflects well on you as a host but also sets a positive example for others in the community.

5. Offer constructive criticism: If there were any issues during the guest’s stay, use your review as an opportunity to offer constructive criticism. Instead of simply pointing out what went wrong, suggest ways the guest could improve for their future stays. Maybe they could communicate more effectively or be more mindful of house rules. By offering helpful suggestions, you’re not only providing valuable feedback to the guest but also empowering them to be better guests in the future.

Examples of Good Airbnb Reviews for Guests

1. “John was an exceptional guest from start to finish. His communication was prompt and courteous, and he treated my home with the utmost respect. Not only did he adhere to all house rules, but he even went the extra mile to tidy up before checking out. I would gladly host John again without hesitation.”

2. “Sarah was a joy to host! She was incredibly considerate and left the space immaculate. Her friendly demeanor made for a delightful experience, and I appreciated her adherence to quiet hours. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to any host and would welcome her back anytime.”

3. “David was a fantastic guest who left a lasting impression. From the moment of booking, his communication was clear and timely. During his stay, he treated my home with care and respect, leaving it in pristine condition upon departure. David’s thoughtful gestures, such as tidying up after himself and following house rules without reminder, made hosting him a breeze. I wouldn’t hesitate to welcome David back anytime.”

4. “Emma was an absolute pleasure to host. Her positive attitude and amiable demeanor brightened up my home. Throughout her stay, she demonstrated excellent communication skills, promptly addressing any questions or concerns. Moreover, Emma showed great respect for the property, maintaining cleanliness and observing quiet hours. Hosting Emma was a seamless experience, and I would happily host her again in the future.”

5. “Mark exceeded all expectations as a guest. From the moment he arrived, it was evident that he valued and respected my space. Not only did he follow all house rules meticulously, but he also took the initiative to engage in thoughtful conversation and share experiences. Mark’s considerate nature and willingness to go above and beyond made hosting him a pleasure. I highly recommend Mark to any host seeking a responsible and respectful guest.”

Examples of Bad Airbnb Reviews for Guests

1. “Unfortunately, my experience hosting Mark fell short of expectations. Despite clear communication about house rules, he disregarded quiet hours, disturbing both myself and neighboring guests late into the night. Additionally, the cleanliness of the space upon departure left much to be desired. I hope Mark takes this feedback into account for his future stays.”

2. “Regrettably, hosting Emily proved challenging. While initial communication was adequate, her lack of respect for the property was evident throughout her stay. From leaving dirty dishes in the sink to ignoring check-out procedures, Emily’s behavior was disappointing. I suggest she familiarize herself with Airbnb etiquette before booking future accommodations.”

3. “I regret to say that hosting Michael was a disappointing experience. Despite clear house rules regarding smoking, he repeatedly disregarded them, leaving the space smelling of smoke and violating the terms of our agreement. Furthermore, Michael displayed a lack of consideration for the property, leaving behind a mess that required extensive cleaning. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Michael as a guest to other hosts.”

4. “Hosting Amy was a frustrating experience from start to finish. Despite assurances of timely communication, she was often unresponsive and difficult to reach. Additionally, Amy showed little regard for the property, leaving it in disarray upon departure. Her failure to adhere to basic house rules and lack of consideration for other guests marred the overall experience. I would caution other hosts against accommodating Amy in the future.”

5. “I had high hopes for hosting Rachel, but unfortunately, her stay fell far below expectations. Despite reminders about noise levels, she and her guests were disruptive late into the night, disturbing both myself and other residents. Furthermore, Rachel left the space in a state of disarray, with trash strewn about and several items damaged. Her disregard for basic courtesy and lack of respect for the property make her unsuitable for future stays. I urge other hosts to exercise caution when considering Rachel as a guest.”

How To Know Your Guests Are Following Your House Rules

Alertify’s Airbnb monitoring device revolutionizes the way hosts manage their properties by offering real-time monitoring of guest behavior, ensuring adherence to house rules regarding noise, smoking, and occupancy. This privacy-friendly technology tracks noise levels of apartments and units, promptly alerting hosts to any disturbances. Alertify’s devices are privacy-friendly and 100% compliant with Airbnb’s guest privacy policy. Additionally, these devices only monitor noise decibel levels and air particulate matter and have no cameras or recording technology. This proactive approach not only allows hosts to address issues swiftly but also fosters a peaceful environment for all guests. 

Additionally, Alertify keeps a close eye on smoking activity, ensuring compliance with property regulations and preserving the integrity of the space. Moreover, Alertify monitors occupancy levels, preventing unauthorized guests and safeguarding against potential damage or safety hazards from parties or large gatherings. By providing hosts with invaluable insights through after-incident reports and real-time alerts, Alertify empowers them to maintain a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for guests while upholding the standards of their property.

With the introduction of Alertify’s latest feature, WelcomeLink, hosts gain a powerful tool to elevate the guest experience to new heights. WelcomeLink empowers hosts to customize their guests’ stays by offering tailored services and amenities through the use of custom screening questions. This innovative approach allows hosts to anticipate their guests’ needs and preferences upfront, ensuring that every aspect of their stay is carefully curated to meet and exceed expectations. By leveraging WelcomeLink guest verification, hosts can set the stage for a positive and memorable experience from the moment guests book their stay, laying the foundation for glowing reviews and repeat visits.


In conclusion, Airbnb guest reviews play a pivotal role in shaping the guest experience and maintaining the integrity of the platform. By following our tips and utilizing tools like Alertify, hosts can not only streamline their hosting experience but also cultivate a community built on trust, respect, and exceptional hospitality. So, next time you welcome a guest into your home, remember the power of your review – it could make all the difference.