Airbnb Implements New Policy on Noise Monitors and Security Cameras

In an effort to ensure guest privacy and maintain community harmony, Airbnb has recently announced updates to its policy regarding noise monitors and security cameras in rental properties. Effective April 30th, 2024, these policy changes aim to strike a balance between guest comfort and privacy concerns.

Here’s what you need to know about Airbnb’s new policy on noise monitors and security cameras: 

  • Hosts cannot install security cameras or recording devices within the interior of their listings, including hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, or guest houses, regardless of their operational status. Hidden cameras are strictly forbidden.
  • Exterior security cameras are allowed, provided they do not monitor areas where guests expect privacy, such as enclosed outdoor showers or saunas.
  • Hosts must reveal the presence and location of exterior security cameras, specifying areas like the front yard, patio, pool area, or doorbell camera monitoring entryways.
  • Noise decibel monitors are allowed indoors, with hosts required to disclose their presence. However, they are not allowed in bedrooms, bathrooms, or sleeping areas. Disclosure of the monitor’s location is not mandatory.

Understanding Airbnb’s New Policy

The updated policy explicitly prohibits the use of indoor security cameras across all Airbnb listings globally. This decision reflects the platform’s commitment to prioritizing guest privacy. However, outdoor cameras are permitted, with the condition that hosts disclose their presence and location. The policy also states that certain outdoor areas, where guests have a greater expectation of privacy, remain off-limits for camera placement.

Noise decibel monitors, on the other hand, are still allowed within indoor common spaces of Airbnb properties. Hosts must disclose the presence of these monitors in their listings and ensure that they only track decibel levels without recording or transmitting any sounds. The policy also explicitly states that noise monitors are not allowed in bedrooms, bathrooms, or sleeping areas. While the policy change was announced recently, hosts are given a six-week grace period to comply with the new regulations before enforcement begins.

Compliancy with Airbnb’s Policy

Staying compliant with Airbnb’s newest policy isn’t a complicated task with devices such as Alertify’s noise monitors. Alertify prioritizes guest privacy and operates solely as a noise decibel monitor without recording or transmitting any sounds.

Alertify monitors noise, cigarette smoke, occupancy, temperature, humidity and mold risk, as well as air quality. It does not record conversations and it has no cameras. When a violation occurs, it will generate a downloadable PDF which can be used as evidence when submitting a claim to Airbnb. This forward-thinking approach to protecting short term rentals and ensuring guest privacy and safety is why Alertify stands out. 

Why Disclosure Matters

Hosts using noise monitoring devices like Alertify are required to disclose their use in their Airbnb listings. This transparency not only aligns with Airbnb’s policy but also helps to deter disruptive behavior by informing guests of the monitoring process upfront. Additionally, disclosing the presence of these devices fosters a guest-friendly environment, as guests are less likely to be surprised or offended when notified about noise levels during their stay.

How to disclose your noise monitor on Airbnb listings

  1. The first way to disclose your noise monitor on Airbnb listings is to update your listing and select the type of safety device you have on your premises. To do this, use the easy to follow steps outlined below.


To edit your listing on your desktop, look at the guide below: 

  1. ​​Click “Listings” and select the listing you want to edit
  2. Under “Listing Editor”, click “Your Space”
  3. Click “Guest Safety”
  4. Click “Safety Devices”, then click “Security Cameras or Audio Recording Devices Present”
  5. Click “Noise Decibel Monitors” and then click “Save”


To see how to disclose your noise monitor on the Airbnb mobile app, simply click here.

  1. The second way to disclose that you have a noise monitor in the property is to add a sentence to the listing description or fineprint. This ensures that you are upfront about this and ensures that guests will see it more clearly. 


These are some examples of sentences to add to your listing: 

  1. “Please note that for the comfort and safety of all guests, we use noise monitoring technology to ensure compliance with house rules, including no smoking, no parties, and maintaining a quiet environment.”
  2. “To maintain a peaceful atmosphere for everyone, we employ noise monitoring devices throughout the property to enforce rules against smoking, parties, and excessive noise.”
  3. “For the enjoyment of all guests and neighbors, we have noise monitoring equipment installed to uphold our policies against smoking, parties, and loud gatherings. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.”

Benefits of Compliance

Ensuring compliance with Airbnb’s new policy offers several advantages for hosts. Firstly, it helps to deter undesirable behavior such as excessive noise or unauthorized parties, thus safeguarding the property from damages and maintaining positive relationships with neighbors. Furthermore, compliance demonstrates a commitment to guest satisfaction and privacy, enhancing the overall hosting experience.


As Airbnb continues to evolve its policies to address emerging challenges and concerns, hosts must stay informed and adapt accordingly. The recent updates regarding noise monitors and security cameras underscore the platform’s dedication to fostering a safe, comfortable, and privacy-conscious environment for both guests and hosts alike. By embracing compliant solutions like Alertify and prioritizing transparency, hosts can navigate these changes effectively while providing memorable experiences for their guests.