Top 5 Ways to Upsell Your Add-On Services to Airbnb Guests

Top 5 Ways to Upsell Your Add-On Services to Airbnb Guests

In the realm of hospitality, providing exceptional service goes beyond offering a comfortable stay—it’s about anticipating and exceeding guests’ expectations. One effective strategy to enhance guest satisfaction and boost revenue is through upselling. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of upselling and how Alertify’s smart monitoring devices can streamline the process for hosts, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for guests.

What is Upselling?

In the hospitality industry, upselling refers to the practice of offering guests additional products or services beyond their initial booking to enhance their overall experience. This can include upgrades to room amenities, additional services such as airport transfers or spa treatments, or special packages tailored to guests’ preferences. By effectively upselling, hospitality professionals can not only increase revenue but also provide personalized and memorable experiences that exceed guests’ expectations. Let’s delve into the top 5 ways to upsell to your Airbnb guests:

  1. Early Check-in and Late Check-out Options: Guests can enjoy the convenience of arriving earlier or departing later, allowing for greater flexibility in their travel plans.
  1. Airport Shuttle Services: Providing transportation to and from the airport adds convenience and peace of mind for guests, enhancing their overall experience.
  1. Extra Bed, Mattress, Pillow, or Towel Requests: Offering additional bedding and amenities ensures guests have everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.
  1. Luggage Storage Facilities: Providing secure storage for luggage enables guests to explore the area freely without the burden of carrying their bags after checkout.
  1. On-demand Cleaning Services During the Stay: Offering cleaning services during the stay allows guests to maintain a tidy and comfortable environment throughout their visit.

The Impact of Upselling to Your Guests

Implementing upselling strategies can yield numerous benefits for hosts and hoteliers, including:

  • Increase in Positive Reviews: By exceeding guest expectations with personalized offerings, hosts can garner glowing reviews, boosting their property’s reputation and attracting more guests.
  • Increase in Bookings and Return Guests: Satisfied guests are more likely to return for future stays and recommend the property to others, driving bookings and fostering guest loyalty. 
  • Increased Profit: Upselling generates additional revenue streams for hosts, maximizing profitability and enabling investment in further enhancements to the guest experience.

How to Upsell Seamlessly

Upselling doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or arduous process. With Alertify’s guest verification portal on the dashboard, WelcomeLink, hosts can effortlessly upsell services to guests. By setting customized questions during the guest verification process, hosts can identify guests’ preferences and needs. Upon completing the guest verification portal, hosts can seamlessly offer additional services, ensuring that guests’ stays are as comfortable and tailored to their preferences as possible.

WelcomeLink represents a significant advancement in guest verification technology, offering hosts, property managers, and hoteliers a comprehensive solution to enhance guest screening processes. By leveraging WelcomeLink, hospitality professionals can verify guests’ identities and ensure compliance with regulations, fostering a secure and seamless environment for both guests and hosts alike. 

However, WelcomeLink offers more than just verification capabilities. It serves as a multifaceted tool for hosts to personalize the guest experience and unlock additional revenue streams through upselling opportunities. With WelcomeLink, hosts can tailor their offerings to meet guests’ specific preferences and needs, whether it’s offering upgrades to premium amenities, providing exclusive services, or recommending personalized experiences. By seamlessly integrating upselling functionalities into the guest verification process, WelcomeLink empowers hosts to maximize revenue opportunities while delivering unparalleled levels of guest satisfaction and loyalty.


In the competitive landscape of hospitality, upselling presents a valuable opportunity for hosts to differentiate their offerings, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive profitability. With Alertify’s innovative solutions, hosts can easily integrate upselling into their operations, delivering personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression on guests. Embrace the power of upselling with Alertify’s WelcomeLink and elevate your guest experience to new heights.