Alertify Releases Welcome Link, The Best Guest Verification Portal

Alertify, the best noise monitoring system, has unveiled its latest innovation: Welcome Link. Welcome Link is a comprehensive guest verification portal which was designed to empower hosts, property managers, and hoteliers in safeguarding their properties while enhancing guest satisfaction.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Guest Verification

Welcome Link seamlessly integrates into Alertify’s suite of tools, offering a hassle-free experience for users. Existing Alertify clients can access this guest verification portal directly from their dashboard under ‘Screening’ on the menu. Alertify has made Welcome Link free for all Alertify users, whether new or existing. 

If you’re an existing Alertify client, simply make your way to your dashboard to try out Welcome Link.

Effortless Setup and Customization

Setting up Welcome Link is a breeze. Users can effortlessly create customized screening questions tailored to their specific requirements and preferences. This meticulous verification process not only ensures the right guests are selected but also presents opportunities for upselling additional services.

Want to know if your guests can make use of your airport shuttle services? Or want to highlight extra services such as early check-in and late check-out? With customized screening questions you can bring these extra services to your guests and increase your business’s revenue. 

Compliance Made Simple

Staying compliant with state regulations has never been easier. Welcome Link streamlines the process by collecting guests’ ID documents and selfies, providing a shield against potential regulatory issues. All completed verification reports are stored on Alertify’s dashboard, making it easy to access these important documents when needed. By adhering to legal requirements, hosts and hoteliers can mitigate risks and operate with confidence.

Robust Fraud Prevention Measures

Protecting properties against fraudulent activities is a top priority. Welcome Link offers a robust verification system, allowing guests to confirm their information, upload their ID document and take a selfie to verify their identity. Guests may also be requested to verify their payment information, which involves temporarily placing a hold on their card through Welcome Link. This step helps to reduce the risk of guests using stolen credit cards. This allows hosts to minimize the amount of deceptive bookings. By leveraging advanced verification capabilities, hosts can safeguard their properties and uphold integrity.

Proactive Management of Disruptive Guests

Welcome Link empowers hosts, property managers, and hoteliers to proactively manage guest bookings. Users can accept or decline bookings based on comprehensive verification reports, minimizing the chances of hosting disruptive guests. Additionally, Welcome Link allows hosts to see who is a high-risk guest and ask those guests to pay a deposit, providing an added layer of security against potential violations.

All-In-One Guest Verification Solution

Welcome Link serves as the ultimate guest verification solution, offering a range of customizable features:

  • Fully customizable guest verification portal which allows hosts to add their company branding and add a custom domain
  • Digital signature collection for guest agreements
  • Guests’ selfie and ID collection for enhanced security and identity verification
  • Automated messaging for seamless guest verification before booking confirmation
  • Pre-booking guest review capability for informed decision-making
  • Integration with Alertify for monitoring noise, smoke, and large crowds
  • Access to violation reports and guest agreements for dispute resolution and issuing fines 

With Welcome Link, hosts and hoteliers can streamline guest verification processes, reduce risks, and enhance overall guest satisfaction. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative features, Alertify continues to redefine standards in hospitality management.

In an industry where guest safety and satisfaction are paramount, Welcome Link emerges as a game-changer, empowering hosts and hoteliers to thrive in a competitive landscape while maintaining the highest standards of quality and security.

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