How To Prepare Your Airbnb For The Holiday Season

Airbnb decorations for the holiday season

Every holiday season, people travel to spend it with their family and friends. While travel took a hit not so long ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has rebounded this past year. Travel has already surpassed pre-pandemic levels, and it is expected that 47% of Americans will travel this holiday season. Considering this, it is important to know how to prepare your Airbnb for the holiday season and provide a comfortable stay to your guests. There are many different ways to prepare your Airbnb for the holiday season. Let’s look at how to best optimize your Airbnb during the holiday season.

Plan ahead

The first thing to do is plan ahead. This is essential. You have to know what dates you are and are not available to host so you do not mess up your plans or overbook yourself. This will allow you to have an enjoyable and profitable holiday season while providing your guests a cozy and festive stay. By doing this early, you can take bookings farther in advance. Many people book their holiday plans months in advance. Knowing when you are available and allowing for bookings earlier will help you get ahead of the holiday rush. You should also be aware of all holiday events in your area that might interest incoming guests. People are likely traveling in part for those events, and knowing this will tell you what best times you should be available to host. Planning for holiday travel will allow you to make the most of the season while renting your Airbnb.

Price accordingly

Keeping an eye on your competition’s pricing during the holiday season will indicate how you should set your pricing. While you can and should create a holiday pricing strategy, you can also utilize an Airbnb feature called Smart Pricing. Turning on smart pricing, the nightly price of your Airbnb will automatically change with demand. With this tool, your prices will be set accordingly, and you can take a step back from constantly monitoring the situation. With smart pricing, you still control how much the price can fluctuate for your Airbnb by customizing the fluctuation limits.

Decorate the space

Wherever people travel for their holiday season, everyone likes to feel the comforts that come with this time of year. You can create the perfect cozy atmosphere in your Airbnb by providing scented candles, soft blankets, and warm lighting. It can be strange sometimes staying in another person’s home. Incorporating these details will go a long way in making your guests feel more comfortable at your Airbnb this holiday season. You can add wreaths on the doors, set up a holiday village, or put up a Christmas tree. Providing small gifts to your guests like a tree ornament or holiday cookies will also create a welcoming environment for your guests. If you know a little more about your guests from a guest screening, you can personalize the gifts in small ways that guests will appreciate. For example, if it is your guest’s first time visiting your city, they might enjoy receiving something locally made. Or if you know a family is coming, you can pick up something small for their kids. A nice touch to add when guests stay at your Airbnb during the holidays is providing them with a few of your favorite holiday recipes or recommended restaurants in the area.

Creating the right holiday ambiance in your Airbnb will leave you with positive ratings and reviews. They should also hopefully leave you with returning guests. These things will only be good for you in the future as you continue to host.

Protect your Airbnb from damages

While most holiday stays go well, damages can sometimes occur. Whether a holiday party got out of hand or there was a cooking mishap, damages happen. And these instances can cost you future bookings through the rest of the holiday season. While it is impossible to damage-proof your Airbnb, there are measures you can take to keep an extra eye on your property. All while protecting the privacy of your guests. You can achieve this by installing Alertify before the holiday season kicks off. Alertify is a small, plug-in device that works on a room-by-room basis. The device monitors noise decibel levels, smoke from cigarettes and marijuana, temperature changes, and occupancy levels. After installing Alertify, hosts will receive customizable notifications if any of the activities occur for five minutes or longer. Hosts will also have access to an online portal to view records of what activities happened, when they occurred, and for how long. If you have guests staying over New Year, you can now keep an eye on any potential party and put a stop to it before receiving noise complaints. Protect your property from noise complaints or possible damages. Get your Airbnb ready for this holiday season with Alertify.