How To Protect Your Airbnb From Noise Complaints

When running an Airbnb, all you want to do is provide a positive experience to your guests during their stay. A big part of ensuring your guests have a good holiday is making them feel comfortable. We can all agree that the last thing anyone wants to feel on vacation is uncomfortable. Many hosts do an excellent job of ensuring their guests feel welcomed in the Airbnb. They do such a good job that some guests arrive at Airbnb and feel it is their perfect escape to throw big parties, get into drunken screaming matches or be too loud with their friends. It is essential as an Airbnb host to define clear boundaries with your guests, as noise complaints can harm your business.

Tell Your Neighbors and Building Manager Before They Can Make Noise Complaints

Clear communication is the best communication! Don’t wait for your neighbors or building manager to find out the hard way that your apartment is an Airbnb. This will only start your relationship with them on a sour note and make conducting business more difficult. Noise is a great annoyance for neighbors to deal with. The more frustrating aspect is always a lack of communication from the host. Your neighbors and building manager are far more likely to understand if they have been notified in advance that they are living next to an Airbnb. Not doing so can cause many problems for you in the future.

Use Security Deposits and Guest Screenings to Prevent Noise Complaints

If you suspect your incoming guests may be the wild party type, charge a security deposit! You will have something extra to fall back on if any damages occur. You also provide guests an incentive to be on their best behavior, so they will have the deposit refunded to them. If you are still determining whether incoming guests will be a problem, screen your guests before confirming their booking. You are letting strangers into your home. You have a right to know about the general purpose of their stay. This will allow you to make efforts to protect your neighbors, property, and wallet from anything that might occur. Most guests understand the need for guest screenings and security deposits. Make sure to include that both of these things may be required in the description of your stay on the Airbnb platform, so they feel safe. By doing this, you help to prevent noise complaints in your Airbnb.

Make Sure You Know Your Cities Short-Term Rental Laws

Countries worldwide are introducing regulations and, in some cases, even banning short-term rentals in cities that experience over-tourism. There are many reasons why these regulations are being introduced. For example, a high concentration of Airbnbs in a town usually hikes up the cost of living for residents. This strains the relationship between Airbnb hosts and the rest of the community. If you think that your city is considering tightening regulations, do not add fuel to the fire. Make sure you are only allowing respectful guests to utilize your Airbnb to avoid creating more tension, giving your neighbors more reasons to support these increasing regulations. 

Be Clear About Your Unit Rules and Quiet Hours

Again, clear communication is the best communication. Set clear expectations for your guests regarding your Airbnb rules and outline specific quiet hours for them to observe. Make these rules available on your Airbnb listing and again in your Airbnb, so there is no confusion about them. You do not want your guests to feel like these rules were sprung on them at the last minute. During the guest screening process, you can ensure they have read your Airbnb’s rules and understand what is expected of them during their stay. Having this clear communication in place should minimize any possible miscommunication and reduce noise complaints in your Airbnb.

Install Alertify, a Privacy Safe Noise Monitoring Device

You can follow all of this advice and still end up with guests exhibiting disrespectful and rowdy behavior. Make sure your Airbnb and neighbors are protected from noise by installing Alertify. Alertify is a wireless device that monitors noise decibel levels; how many guests are on the property at one time, if guests are smoking in your Airbnb, and if there are changes in the temperature. If any of these activities listed above continue for some time longer than five minutes, you will be notified in real-time until they come to a stop. You will also have access to an online portal to see evidence of what activities occurred and when. Alertify will enable you to deal with noise from guests before your neighbors have a chance to complain. Build better community relationships and protect your Airbnb with Alertify today.