5 Ways Airbnb Hosts Can Prepare For Travel Recovery

Covid-19 brought about a massive change to business since the beginning of the year and had an enormous impact on the hospitality trade as companies across the globe recorded incredible declines in revenue. This led to a lot of them closing down. However, things are starting to look up. With many governments easing their travel restrictions and opening up their borders to tourists, it would only be a matter of time before things return to normal. But how does that impact you as an Airbnb host, and how can you prepare for this recovery in travel?

Here are a few ways to prepare for this travel recovery as an Airbnb host.

Developing an action plan to minimize the spread of the virus

Following the regulations and guidelines for tackling the COVID-19 virus, you’ll need to design an action plan to minimize the spread of the virus and keep your guests safe. Your guests will feel secure with an evident action plan for minimizing the spread of the virus.

Here are a few actions plans you can put in place as an Airbnb host preparing for travel recovery:

  • Provide hand sanitizer stations in shared or common areas.
  • You are routinely cleaning surfaces and increasing the frequency of cleaning provided to tenants and common areas in your property.
  • Assist tenants with their attempts to promote “social distancing” by segmenting common spaces
  • Invent creative ways to maintain social distancing policies.

Regularly communicating with your guests

During these uncertain times, communication might be the most effective means of getting things back to standard operations. Your guests may still harbor anxieties about their safety and traveling again, so opening the line of communication and making them feel safe is a sure way to prepare for the recovery.

Here’s how you can communicate effectively:

  • Devise a communication plan for keeping your guests informed about policies and plans to tackle COVID-19. This may involve having one-on-one discussions with our guests.
  • Be prepared to provide timely updates to your guests and help them understand the need to keep up with the plans and policies to minimize the virus’s spread. Be quick to answer your guests’ concerns, conditions, and risks regarding the virus.
  • You’ll need to communicate the policies you are adopting to ease back into the entire operation, such as rent rates, updated terms and conditions, and other day-to-day adjustments to keep everyone safe. Also, communicate with your guests regarding policies and steps to address the outbreak and state and local directives and mandates.

Follow guidelines laid out by your local authority

Since your guests may be coming from different parts of the world, you will have to emphasize, if needed, the rules and hygiene guidelines to maintain a clean, safe, and COVID-free environment for your guest. A huge part of achieving this includes communicating effectively with your guests to ensure they follow all policies and plans for avoiding the virus spread as set out by the local authorities.

Furthermore, posting guidelines and policy materials in multiple languages in common areas of your property will help keep your guests aware of these prevention guidelines and plans.

Stay informed with the latest news

Staying up to date with the latest guidelines issued by local authorities is a great way to be prepared. This can also be used to communicate with your guests before arriving and while staying at your property. However, be prepared to adjust quickly. To maintain seamless communication with your guests means you’ll have to stay informed and on top of the latest guidelines and plans in your community. Be proactive. Actively search for information and source the latest news from the local authorities on the latest developments regarding COVID-19. But don’t stop there. Also, seek advice from medical and healthcare professionals. It helps to have the correct information to ease your guests’ anxiety. With the correct information, you can help your guests feel safe.

Sanitize your property regularly

Finally, while planning to receive guests, make sure your property is in tip-top condition. Maintaining a clean environment will go a long way to help your guests feel at home and safe. Moreover, having a clean property attracts more guests to your rental.

Here’s where to start to make sure your property is in great condition:

  • Hire professional cleaners to clean and keep your property in top condition. From the driveway down to the yard, to dusting window panes, make sure everything has been cleaned properly.
  • Clean your windows and let in light. A clean home is the best and one of the most effective ways to showcase your property to potential guests. Clean and sanitize your kitchen to get rid of stubborn dirt and grease on tiles and countertops.
  • Fix things broken appliances to get your property rent-ready.
  • Have a technician inspect and service your air condition for possible problems. Making sure that your rental is properly aerated and save you costs in emergency repairs.
  • Improve airflow in your property before rental. Clean or replace the air filter to improve this.

COVID-19 has brought with it a cloud of uncertainty hanging above everyone. And in many ways, it has affected our businesses, especially the hospitality business. The way to move forward is by embracing new and strategic ways of running your business. This means adopting creative ways to win patronage and build long-lasting relationships with your guests. There’s no doubt many things will change post-COVID-19, but with the right attitude and a clear goal, it will surely be a breeze.