How Will Travel Look Post Covid-19?

We will travel again, but it will not be the same. Even if borders reopen, travelers must trust that boarding a plane is safe and that they will be able to enter the destination country. New health safety protocols and systems will need to be in place, which have yet to be defined. As governments […]

Why Your Hotel Should Consider Using Noise Monitors

Every day, millions of people are checking into hotel rooms all over the world to spend their time in a relaxing and quiet environment. As a hotelier, are you able to guarantee a quiet and relaxing stay to your guests? With our noise monitoring solution you’ll be able to monitor sound levels, temperature, smoking and […]

5 Ways Airbnb Hosts Can Prepare For Travel Recovery

Covid-19 brought about a massive change to business since the beginning of the year and had an enormous impact on the hospitality trade as companies across the globe recorded incredible declines in revenue. This led to a lot of them closing down. However, things are starting to look up. With many governments easing their travel […]