Why Your Hotel Needs A Room Monitor This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, so travel will soon be in full swing. The summer season is traditionally the busiest time of year for travel, partially because of the summer breaks many children and college students experience but mainly due to just how warm the weather is. Most people are looking to catch a break in the sun and have some fun. While this is more than reasonable, groups sometimes get carried away when celebrating the summer. Groups may be tempted to throw parties, leading to room damage and noise complaints. However, with a room monitor installed, it may be possible to avoid this situation. So, let’s find out more about why hotel room monitoring this summer is the solution for you.

Record setting summer

This summer, based on the number of people traveling within the United States alone, will be a record-setting summer in terms of travel—about 42.3 million Americans are expected to travel. This is about 2.7 million more people to travel than in the previous summer or a 7% increase. The burst of travel, in part, is a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the virus is still around, the world seems to have found a new normal. And due to the summers lost before, people are claiming back their time and taking off for the summer. Hotel room monitoring might seem like an extreme solution at first glance. However, room monitoring devices are noninvasive as they are 100% privacy safe and do not have video cameras attached. A room monitor may be just what your hotel needs this summer.

Prevent party damages

Room monitors will have different features depending on the specific brand; however, they are all generally great tools for party prevention in your hotel rooms this summer. While room monitors are great for alerting you to noisiness in general, they can help catch parties before they really take off. No one wants to rain on anyone else’s parade. But parties can cause lots of damage to your hotel rooms. The most common examples of this are damaged furniture or damage from indoor smoking. With room monitors installed in your hotel rooms, these damages can be prevented.

Avoid noise complaints

As we’re sure you already know, online ratings can be very delicate, and just one negative review could seriously impact your hotel’s online rating. We’re sure you also know that noise complaints are the most frequent complaints received in hotels. However, you might not know that only 25% of all noise complaints are reported. The other 75%? Well, those show up in your online reviews. And as previously mentioned, these tank your online ratings. When you take into consideration how many people base their hotel choices on online reviews, this can be very hurtful to your business.

No matter the brand, room monitors generally monitor for noise decibel levels. Some room monitors can alert you in real-time when noise decibel levels have become too loud in your hotel’s room. This allows hoteliers to intervene before noise complaints can be made, either in person or online. Not only can room monitors help you to prevent negative online reviews, but they can also free up your staff’s time. Rather than fielding noise complaints, they can focus their attention on other tasks.

Prevent damage from indoor smoking

A rare feature for room monitors to have is a cigarette and marijuana smoke detector; however, there are a few of these which exist on the market. Unwarranted smoking that occurs in hotel rooms can lead to damaged walls, damaged furniture, damaged linens, and damaged curtains. Rooms that have been smoked in take longer to clean and require more robust cleaning materials. Because of this, they are often more expensive to clean. At best, this can cause a delay in checking the next guests into the room if there is a booking. At worst, this can put your room out of commission for a day or more. This causes you to lose out on future bookings and can result in negative online reviews.

Consider Alertify

If you’re looking to prevent indoor smoking, excessive noise, and large crowds all at once, Alertify is the hotel room monitor for you. You will be notified in real-time if excessive noise or indoor smoking occurs in one of your hotel rooms. Now, you can intervene before a situation escalates. With Alertify, hoteliers will also have access to the online dashboard. In the dashboard, hoteliers can view live and historical data. This data can also be downloaded in the form of incident reports, which can be used in the event of deposit disputes with guests or when dealing with fraudulent chargebacks. With Alertify, you can prevent party damage, noise complaints, and indoor smoking all at once. Not only can you prevent damages, but you also allow your staff to utilize their time on more critical tasks. It’s time to prevent what you can’t predict with Alertify.