How To Prevent Guests From Smoking In Your Airbnb

When operating an Airbnb, especially off-property, anything can happen. While most Airbnb guests usually respect the properties they book, some will use an Airbnb as their own personal party pad. Anything can happen, whether it’s inviting extra, unapproved guests or smoking inside. And even if most guests aren’t smokers or won’t smoke inside your Airbnb, it is better to be prepared in the event it does happen. Proving smoking in your Airbnb can be challenging, especially if guests clean up after themselves. This is because most smoking damage is not visible. However, it is still possible to prove. So, let’s take a look at how to prevent guests from smoking in your Airbnb and how Airbnb cigarette smoke monitoring could help.

How bad is cigarette smoke damage?

Indoor smoking from cigarettes or marijuana can cause damage to your Airbnb in both the short and long term. In the short term, the smell of cigarette smoke will stick to everything and be more challenging to remove. So, if you have back-to-back stays booked, a quick turnover clean of the room likely won’t eliminate the smell. If the smell lingers, your next guests will probably be upset with this. And you may receive guest complaints or a negative review after their stay. Depending on how severe the smoking damage is, it could even put a property out of commission for some time. Just one smoking incident in your Airbnb can cost you extra time spent cleaning it, and future lost revenue. Luckily, there are preventative measures that you can take to prevent your guests from smoking inside your Airbnb.

Create a ‘no smoking’ policy

If you still need to create a no-smoking policy for your online listings, it should be the first step you take to ensure your Airbnb guests don’t smoke on your property. While a ‘no smoking’ policy won’t necessarily prevent smoking from occurring, it will help to set expectations. Most guests will respect this policy if you inform incoming guests that your property is non-smoking. If a guest does end up smoking in your Airbnb, then as long as you have evidence, you can alert Airbnb that your guest broke a house policy. Because of this, you may be entitled to compensation or to keep a security deposit if you charged one. When creating a ‘no smoking’ policy, be sure to make it as clear and direct as possible. This means including all areas on your property where smoking is forbidden. This could include any outdoor spaces your property might have, such as a garden, backyard, or even the front steps.

Charge a deposit

Charging a security deposit will help you to enforce your Airbnb’s no smoking policy. Or, the security deposit will help cover the extra cost of the damages from cigarette smoke. If you decide to charge a security deposit, be sure to include this requirement on your online listings. This way, your incoming guests know what to expect and won’t feel blindsided. You can never know whether the guests you have coming will be smokers or not. Even if you were to conduct a guest screening, you can’t always know which guests will turn out to be smokers. By charging a security deposit ahead of time, your guests will be more motivated to follow your Airbnb’s ‘no smoking’ policy. Just know that holding onto the security deposit can be challenging without proof of indoor smoking. This is because if a guest did smoke but they cleaned up well enough, they may charge back the security deposit. However, there are resources that can help you prove whether a guest has smoked inside your Airbnb.

Try cigarette smoke monitoring

The most reliable way to prevent guests from smoking inside your Airbnb is by installing an Airbnb cigarette smoke monitoring device. Cigarette smoke monitoring is a 100% privacy-safe way of stopping indoor smoking in your Airbnb. There are a few cigarette smoke detectors on the market. But the best one to install for complete coverage is Alertify. Not only does Alertify monitor cigarette smoke, but it also monitors noise decibel levels, temperature, and humidity levels. With Alertify, Airbnb hosts will know in real-time if guests smoke or are noisy during quiet hours. This way, hosts can intervene before potential cigarette smoke damage or noise complaints occur. On the Alertify dashboard, users can access live and historical data on their property’s smoke and noise levels. They also have access to Alertify’s after-incident reports.

The after-incident reports act as a snapshot of the smoking incident that took place and which guest is responsible for the incident. Users of Alertify can download and submit the after-incident reports as documentary evidence in the event of a guest deposit dispute or fraudulent chargeback. Protect your Airbnb from unnecessary smoking damage or noise complaints with Alertify and prevent what you can’t predict.