Get seamless STR management with the Alertify x Hostaway integration

Alertify Hostaway Integration

Alertify is pleased to announce our recent integration with Hostaway, a leading all-in-one vacation rental and Airbnb management system. In the dynamic sphere of vacation rentals, prioritizing guest satisfaction, efficient short-term rental management, and overall operational effectiveness is paramount.

The collaboration between Hostaway and Alertify brings forth a solution that streamlines short-term rental management and enhances property protection. This harmonious integration aims to contribute to operational efficiency, garner positive reviews, and foster customer retention.

In this blog post, we will explore the tangible benefits of the Hostaway and Alertify integration, clearly outlining how this strategic partnership can significantly elevate and optimize your property management operations. 

Let’s delve into Hostaway’s offering

Hostaway stands out as a sophisticated property management software designed to streamline and automate various facets of business operations for enhanced efficiency. Offering a comprehensive suite of features, Hostaway empowers businesses in the short-term rental industry with a range of capabilities:

Hostaway serves as an all-encompassing Property Management System (PMS) for short-term rental managers. Whether at the office or on the move, it facilitates seamless tracking of bookings, inquiry management, reservation handling, and guest management.

Keep meticulous track of your properties across a spectrum of online travel agencies (OTAs) with Hostaway. The multi-calendar synchronization ensures a clear overview of bookings, allowing you to stay informed about which guest has booked which property.

Hosts often grapple with repetitive tasks such as guest messaging, review requests, cleaning management, and payment collection. Hostaway alleviates this burden by offering smart triggers, automation, and workflows to automate these time-consuming responsibilities.

Enhancing communication, Hostaway provides a unified inbox, automated messaging features, and a guest portal. These functionalities simplify the process of staying in touch with guests, ensuring effective and efficient communication.

  • Marketing 

Consolidate your marketing efforts within Hostaway’s platform. Create a booking website in seconds, seamlessly integrate Hostaway PMS and channel manager with platforms like WordPress and Wix, manage coupons, and construct your ideal vacation rental website – all within the Hostaway interface.

  • Operations 

Hostaway facilitates end-to-end management of daily operations. Process payments, automate rental contract signing, invoice guests, streamline payment automation, manage cleaning and maintenance tasks effortlessly, and seamlessly integrate smart locks directly with Hostaway for a comprehensive operational experience.

What you’ll get integrating Hostaway with Alertify

Hostaway goes above and beyond its inherent capabilities by collaborating with Alertify, providing an additional layer of property protection against noise disturbances, indoor smoking, and large crowds. Let’s discuss the ways this integration elevates your Short-Term Rental (STR) management experience. 

  • Instant noise and smoking alerts

The Alertify device acts as a vigilant guardian, continuously monitoring noise, smoke, and large crowds within the rental property. Upon picking up a violation, Alertify promptly dispatches notifications via SMS and email to the host, offering immediate awareness of the violation. For persistent violations, hosts may receive up to two follow-up notifications, enabling timely intervention and necessary action.

  • Guest Alerts

Automated Guest Alerts play a pivotal role in communicating promptly with guests when a noise or smoke violation occurs. These alerts are customizable, allowing hosts to tailor messages, determine the frequency of follow-ups, and choose whether to receive all notifications or solely the follow-up messages. This flexibility empowers hosts to respond effectively, especially when initial guest responses are lacking.

  • After-incident reports 

The integration of Hostaway with Alertify grants access to after-incident reports, providing immediate downloadable insights into the type of violation and the guest responsible. These reports prove invaluable for dispute resolution, fine issuance, and upholding the overall integrity of your property.

  • Unit mapping

Streamline management tasks by mapping your units from Hostaway to Alertify. This feature enables hosts to identify which guests are associated with violations in specific units, offering a comprehensive overview of properties across both platforms. This seamless integration enhances efficiency in managing and addressing issues.

Get started today

To get started with this integration, login to your Alertify account and go to ‘Integrations’ and click on the Hostaway logo and then ‘Connect’. You can follow the integration guide to successfully integrate Hostaway with Alertify. 

In summary, the integration of Hostaway with Alertify establishes a robust foundation for effective property management. This collaborative effort yields several key benefits, including instantaneous notifications for noise, smoking, and crowd violations, automated alerts directed at guests responsible for such incidents, comprehensive after-incident reports featuring guest information, and the convenient mapping of units between Hostaway and Alertify.

This integration empowers property managers to take their standards of service and guest satisfaction to new levels. Need a device? Order yours here.