Unlock powerful STR management by integrating Alertify with Hosthub

Alertify, your reliable ally in overseeing guest compliance and safeguarding hosts, has collaborated with Hosthub, a robust property management system. This alliance is set to transform your approach to short-term rental management and enhance the efficiency of your operations in unprecedented ways.

Let’s delve into the specifics and examine how the integration of Hosthub and Alertify can streamline your property management efforts.

Let’s discuss Hosthub

Hosthub serves as a calendar synchronization tool designed for vacation rental homeowners aiming to showcase their properties on various platforms such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, Tripadvisor, and others. It provides a solution to prevent double bookings and streamline the management of multiple listings.

  • Channel management 

Utilize Hosthub’s Channel Manager to boost bookings and revenue by listing your properties on multiple vacation rental channels. The tool ensures real-time synchronization of all your calendars, with a remarkable 100% success rate in synchronizing listings across over 200 channels.

  • Property management

Hosthub provides a comprehensive suite of native tools encompassing team management, expense management, reports, charts, automated messaging, and over 30 integrations. These features enable smart pricing, remote home management, noise alerts, task and cleaning management.

  • Website builder

Build your website quickly and rent out your property directly, avoiding OTA fees and commissions. Creating a direct-booking website is the ultimate channel for you to have. It’s more than just a platform to showcase your rentals; it’s a personalized space tailored to your property and specific requirements.

Alertify joins forces with Hosthub

What makes the integration between Alertify and Hosthub truly exceptional? Alertify, a comprehensive solution for property management automation, seamlessly integrates with Hosthub, delivering an unprecedented level of convenience and efficiency.

Here’s why this collaboration is pivotal

  • Instant violation alerts: Alertify sends automated alerts to hosts in the event of noise, smoking, or occupancy violations, effectively curbing over 90% of disruptions and smoking incidents before they escalate.
  • After-incident reports: Receive detailed reports on every violation event, including the type of violation, time, duration, and the guest involved. These reports serve as valuable evidence when imposing fines for smoking or noise disruptions.
  • Property synchronization: Easily sync all your properties from Hosthub into Alertify, keeping you informed about the occupancy of each unit.

Upcoming Features

  • Guest screening feature: Soon, you’ll be able to screen guests through Alertify’s dashboard. This feature allows you to create custom screening questions, collect guest ID documents, and have guests sign an agreement outlining specific property rules. This documentation will be useful in case of future disputes with guests.

Ready to begin?

Navigate to the ‘Integrations’ tab on your Alertify dashboard and select the Hosthub logo. Subsequently, click the ‘Connect’ button and proceed with the prompts. This partnership provides property managers with a robust set of tools and features, streamlining and improving property management efforts.

Through this collaboration, property managers gain the ability to enhance service standards and guest satisfaction. Explore the integration of Hosthub with Alertify today