Why You Should Use Noise Monitors As A Landlord

rental apartment with noise monitoring

Whether you rent out a house or an apartment, your property might benefit from noise monitoring. Property damage is one of the most common challenges landlords face while housing tenants. While damage to your property in some way is bound to happen, situations do occur where more significant damages take place. Normal wear and tear is inevitable. This might look like scuff marks on the floors or walls from chairs, warping of the doors and windows, or cracks in the walls from settling. While wear and tear happen in rental properties, life also happens in rental properties. And in life, things can get messy. Sometimes a tenant might accidentally break a window, or someone punches a wall and leaves a hole. Maybe a tenant decides to smoke in the house, and they leave a burn on a curtain. These more severe damages significantly impact you as a landlord. Repairing these damages costs both time and money. It is expensive to replace curtains or fix a wall. The time it takes to repair these things may cause you to have a more extended vacancy period between tenants.

While it may seem that you have little control over these situations, there is a solution. Installing a privacy-safe noise monitor may help protect your property from potential damage and allow you to hold a positive relationship with your neighbors. Let’s find out how noise monitoring can benefit your rental apartment or house.

Protect your property against damages

Privacy-safe noise monitoring devices might be able to prevent damage from occurring in your rental apartment or house. Damage in rental properties can come from many sources. Maybe your tenants threw a party, and things got out of hand, or perhaps they had a bad day and misdirected their anger at your walls. Either way, when damages occur, they usually make noise. If you were to install a noise monitor in the rooms of your rental property, you would be alerted of excessive noise, which may be when the damages occur. This allows you to check in with your tenants before anything more serious occurs.

Keep a positive relationship with your neighbors

If the tenants you rent to are a constant problem for your neighbors, having a positive relationship with them will be challenging. This can make your life more difficult as they will likely go to you with complaints. If they cannot contact you, they may feel strongly enough to go to your housing association or building manager. If the situation is bad enough, this may impact your ability to continue renting in that location. You can do a few things to build a good relationship with your neighbors as a landlord. First, let them know you are a landlord and that you rent out the property. Open communication is the best way to build a positive relationship with your neighbors, as they will not feel blindsided. Secondly, be accessible. Allow your neighbors to be able to contact you should anything serious happen to your property or the tenants end up being serial party throwers. It will ease your neighbors’ minds if they know you are willing to handle these situations when they occur.

Allow you to be more hands-off

If you have had to worry about the state of your properties in the past, installing a noise monitoring device will allow you to be more hands-off while still being involved. All the while respecting the privacy of your guests. Noise monitoring devices do not listen to or record conversations; they can only monitor noise decibel levels. Installing a noise monitoring device allows you to be aware of what might be happening while away from the property. Many noise monitors will alert you when the noise has become louder than usual if it goes on for a certain amount of time. When you receive alerts, you will be able to know to maybe check in with your tenants or be on the lookout for any incoming communications from your neighbors.

Privacy safe noise monitoring device

A great noise monitor to use to protect your rental property is Alertify. Alertify is a small, plug-in device that works on a room-by-room basis. The device monitors noise decibel levels, cigarette smoke, occupancy, and temperature changes. After installing Alertify, you will receive customizable notifications if any of these activities occur. You will also have access to an online portal to view reports of when these activities happened and for how long. If your tenants unplug the device, you will also be notified. If, for any reason, you need to prove the damages came from your tenants, you will be able to do so. Protecting your rental property from damages made by tenants will become simpler after installing Alertify. Make your life easier and protect your rental properties today with Alertify.