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Smart Noise Monitors for Hotels & Why your hotel should consider using it

Every day, millions of people are checking into hotel rooms all over the world to spend their time in a relaxing and quiet environment. As a hotelier, are you able to guarantee a quiet and relaxing stay to your guests? With our noise monitoring solution you’ll be able to monitor sound levels, temperature, smoking as well as occupancy count in each room. Enabling you to act swiftly to prevent situations caused by noise guests from escalating and causing a bad experience to your other guests.

Why noise complaints cost you money

Noise is the most frequent complaint from hotel guests, topping the charts in most cities. It is also a common theme in online reviews. Despite this, the J.D. Power North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey has consistently shown that noise complaints are significantly under-reported to the hotel, and rarely end up being resolved. Whether a hotel is in a bustling downtown area or right next to an airport runway, hotel management needs to be made aware of noise problems. About 917,000 TripAdvisor’s reviews are centered around complaints regarding hotel management which is unable to deal with noisy guests.

By installing our smart noise monitoring devices in your hotel rooms, you can ensure a great customer experience for your guests, you’ll be instantly notified when any noise threshold is triggered letting you step in and resolve situations before it results in noise complaints and unwanted conflict, as it can be a potential risk to your hotel not only legally but also financially in unwanted costs.

How Noise monitoring can help you save money

We can expect that you are well aware of the fact that building trust and respect for your guests is the key to the success of your hotel business. No hotel owner would want to ruin their hard-earned reputation by a single bad incident that can be avoided if taken care of quickly and efficiently. Noise complaints lead to unwanted costs such as price adjustments and room swaps for disgruntled guests, so it’s absolutely crucial for hotels to be able to manage these situations before they escalate which in turn will be saving you money.

Austin, Florida, and Las Vegas, these cities are known for festivals and their nightlife. Parties are a big attraction for college students and young groups. While they are good points of investment for hotel chains there arises a desperate need for a solution to monitor noise in real-time. While each state has its own noise control laws, which comes with different challenges as there are hefty fines for hotels and businesses that break these noise control laws. Also considering noise is one of the top concerns for travellers, hoteliers in these areas can benefit immensely from smart noise monitors for their hotels.

Real-time noise monitoring and Privacy

The term “noise monitoring device” may suggest that the device is “listening in” on your guests the entire time, but this is false. Noise sensors don’t have microphones, the device can’t listen in to conversations, or record sounds. They don’t give the operator any means of listening into or recording noise in the hotel room, and only monitor decibel changes over a sustained period of time in the designated space. The only output given is a raw decibel reading, which is filtered through an algorithm to make it “readable”. There is no threat to your guests privacy or infringing upon any privacy laws.

The smart noise monitoring device measures noise and temperature through AI sound detection sensors and sends timely alerts to let you take beforehand action to remove or resolve the disturbance. The data will help you to analyze which rooms are having intense activity and sound breaching levels. By setting a separate threshold for each zone, you can allocate the rooms as per the guests’ preferences ensuring your guests the ultimate experience.

How to get set up with your noise monitoring device

Our small palm-size noise monitoring device, which is among the best, takes less than 15 minutes to set up. Once installed in your hotel rooms and connected to the internet, you are able to customize thresholds for each room which if triggered you’ll be instantly notified. It has a very low power draw so you should not worry about additional electricity consumption even after placing it in all of the hotel rooms. You’ll have an overview of all your rooms on your dashboard with real-time data letting you intervene where needed before misbehaving guests ruins the experience for others.

What’s the verdict on a smart noise monitoring device?

Privacy safe noise monitoring devices have become an essential service for hotels and resorts. Noise monitor devices have become an advanced way to deal with noise complaints and noise issues before they escalate. These smart sensory monitoring devices do not draw much power,, and come in handy with a quick, easy and customizable set up. So you’ll be able to actively monitor all your rooms in one place effectively taking action against any bad actors looking to ruin the other guests’ experience as well as your hotel’s reputation leaving you to focus on more important aspects of your business, customer experience and generating more revenue.