Go Above and Beyond in your STR Management by Integrating Alertify with iGMS

Alertify, your trusted partner in monitoring guest violations and protecting hosts, has seamlessly integrated with iGMS, a formidable property management platform. This partnership is poised to revolutionize your approach to short-term rental management and streamline your operations in unprecedented ways.

Let us delve into the details and explore how the fusion of iGMS and Alertify can simplify your property management endeavors.

Getting to know iGMS

iGMS is a dynamic platform meticulously crafted to empower property managers in the seamless administration of multiple vacation rentals. 

Channel management: iGMS equips property managers to handle their properties across various booking platforms, including Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com. It stands as the comprehensive solution to manage bookings, reservations, and guest interactions with effortless finesse.

Streamlined property management: Everyday responsibilities such as guest correspondence, calendar synchronization, and cleaning processes are seamlessly managed through the singular iGMS platform.

Track tasks effectively: Enhance your team’s efficiency through automated task assignment and real-time monitoring of task completion. Delegate varying levels of access to your team members as needed.

Track payments in one place: Effortlessly handle payments and generate guest invoices by linking your Stripe account. Craft performance reports in mere minutes to keep a vigilant eye on the progress of your vacation rental enterprise.

The Symbiotic Integration: Alertify Meets iGMS

What renders the integration between Alertify and iGMS truly remarkable? Alertify, a comprehensive solution for property management automation, harmonizes perfectly with iGMS, offering you an unparalleled degree of convenience and efficiency.

Here’s why this collaboration is a pivotal moment:

Alertify’s GuestAlert feature: Alertify’s GuestAlert feature enables you to send automated alerts to guests if noise, smoking or occupancy violations occur. This feature effectively stops over 90% of guest disruptions and smoking before it causes serious damage.

Violation reports: Receive detailed reports outlining every violation event that occurs. Included on these reports are the type of violation that took place, the time it took place and how long it lasted as well as which guest was in the unit when it took place. Violation reports may act as evidence when issuing a fine to a guest for smoking or noise disruptions.

Sync your properties: Map all your properties from iGMS into Alertify and stay up to date with which guest is in which unit. 

Coming soon

Guest Screening Feature: Soon you will be able to screen guests through Alertify’s dashboard. This feature will allow you to create custom screening questions, collect ID documents of guests and have guests sign an agreement that outlines specific rules of the property, such as no smoking, no parties and no excessive noise. The Guest Screening feature will serve as additional documentation in the event of any future disputes with a guest.

Ready to get started?

Head to the “Integrations” tab on your Alertify dashboard and click on the iGMS logo. From there, click on the “Connect” button and follow the prompts.

This partnership offers property managers a powerful arsenal of tools and features that simplify and enhance their property management endeavors. This collaboration empowers property managers to elevate their standards of service and guest satisfaction. See how you can integrate iGMS with Alertify today.