How To Optimize Your Hostel For Digital Nomads In 2023

Digital Nomad

After the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world saw a new way of living emerge: the Digital Nomads. This trend is something that has only continued to grow as the world has once again welcomed travel. Studies have now found that people are happier and more productive working from home, or a location of their choice, rather than in an office. A large part of this is contributed to people having gained a new sense of freedom back. While yes, they do still have to work, they can do it more on their own terms. They get more of their life back. And this is a trend that is being supported by not only companies, but countries as well. Countries in different areas of the world are all offering digital nomads the opportunity to live and work there for an allotted amount of time through the creation of digital nomad visas.

What is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who works remotely and chooses to do this job in various different locations. Digital nomads generally work in fields such as digital marketing, graphic design, content creation, software engineering and writing. This does not mean that other fields do not allow for a remote or even hybrid working structure. It just means some fields translate more easily to remote working than others. Digital nomads can be anyone if they are working from different cities, states or countries. They generally stay in one place from three to six months. However, many stay in one place even as long as nine months of the year. In order to best work in different locations, there are a few things every digital nomad could use.

Wifi is a must

This one probably goes without saying, but good cellular service and wifi are a necessity for the digital nomads coming to your hostel. While many can get by using their mobile service as a hotspot, that can eat up their data fast, and end up being quite expensive depending on their phone plan. This is why it is important that your hostel is well prepared with fast working wifi that can reach both your seating and sleeping areas.

Co-working spaces

While it is incredible to move from city to city or country to country, the digital nomad will need a space to work. And while it is possible for them to hotspot themselves on a beach from an island in Spain, sometimes a co-working space is necessary to focus on their work. This is why offering a co-working space in your hostel for digital nomads is essential. Co-working spaces have become more popular as remote work becomes a new normal. If your hostel does not have the space to accommodate a new co-working space, do not worry. You can take other measures to provide travelers in your hostel with a space to work. One way you can give this space for the digital nomads at your hostel is by contacting local co-working spaces in your area and creating a promotional deal with them. Creating a deal like this would only be positive for your business.

Networking events

Hosting networking events for travelers and digital nomads in your hostel would be a great way to optimize your hostel. If you have a common space in your hostel, gathering some snacks and drinks and organizing a networking event that would attract even more working travelers to your hostels. Networking is all about opportunities. By creating these opportunities, digital nomads will be more likely to stay at your hostel. This is because you are catering directly to them. Hostels are a fantastic place for people to meet each other, and working remotely can prove to be quite an isolating endeavor. In creating these opportunities, you attract more guests to your business and bring people together to form future connections.

Stay up to date with tech

Digital nomads require technology to do their work. It is a simple fact. Additionally, technology integrated into hotels and Airbnbs has become something expected of guests. Considering how much more competitive the hostel market has grown over the years, one can assume that hostels would only benefit from integrating technology as well. Aside from ensuring that your hostel has well working wifi, there are a few ways you can integrate other technology into your hostel. By doing so, you should only increase your guest’s satisfaction. A great and simple way to begin this is by utilizing smart locks on your rooms. Whether they be larger shared rooms, or private rooms, hostel guests worry about security. This will be especially true for digital nomads when they venture out for a night and leave their laptops behind. Allow your guests to rest easier with smart locks on your hostel doors.

Another way to easily integrate technology into your hostel would be installing noise monitoring devices. A noise monitoring device such as Alertify would allow hostel owners to keep an eye on their rooms. All the while, respecting the privacy of their guests. Alertify monitors noise decibel levels, as well as cigarette smoke, mold, occupancy and temperature levels. Through real-time customizable notifications, hostel owners will know whether any of these activities occur. Additionally, hostel owners will have access to an online portal where they can view reports of any of the activities occurred and when. Alertify is able to help hostel owners protect their properties from noise complaints and damages from cigarette smoke. Optimize your hostel for digital nomads today with Alertify.