5 Reasons Your Airbnb Needs Noise Monitoring Devices

If you are an Airbnb host, you know the complications that can come with the job. One of the most significant issues when hosting an Airbnb is the noise that guests make. Even if you include quiet hours in your house rules and online listings, it can be difficult to enforce them. Although it may not seem like it, noise complaints can seriously impact your Airbnb business. The Airbnb and short-term rental industry is becoming increasingly regulated. In fact, some cities around the world are going so far as to ban them. One of the reasons behind these Airbnb bans is due to inconsiderate Airbnb guests disrupting locals. That is why it is more important than ever to actively try to prevent excessive noise in your Airbnb. Luckily, there is a solution. More and more Airbnb hosts are turning to Airbnb noise monitoring devices to prevent excessive noise in their properties. Let’s take a look at the five reasons your Airbnb needs noise monitoring devices.

Prevent noise complaints

First and foremost, Airbnb noise monitoring devices will allow you to intervene in real time before your neighbors can contact you with noise complaints. While noise monitors vary depending on the brand, they all generally will notify users in real time of excessive noise. This way, you can know definitively if your guests are making excessive noise and breaking quiet hours. Airbnb guests rarely intend to create disturbances for their neighbors. When on vacation with friends or family, it is easy for people to be unaware of the time or volume of their gathering. Because of this, most guests quiet down after being contacted by their host for the first time. By receiving noise alerts in real-time, you can cut the hassle and ensure your guests are being respectful of your quiet hours.

Prevent damage from unwarranted parties

Airbnb noise monitors will help to enforce your property’s quiet hours. But they will also help deter parties that may unravel in your Airbnb. When you are alerted of excessive noise happening in your Airbnb, you have the opportunity to protect it from potential party damages as well as noise complaints. Damages from unwarranted parties can result in needing to replace furniture or appliances, requiring a deeper cleaning, or even putting your Airbnb out of commission for a few days. If your Airbnb has to be put out of commission, this can cost you thousands in repairs. Additionally, you can also lose out on future revenue. Being able to prevent unwarranted party damages has the opportunity to save your Airbnb business thousands.

Preserve community relationships

Disruptive Airbnb guests can result in Airbnb hosts having strained relationships with their neighbors and community members. You cannot control the actions of other people as an Airbnb host. It is your responsibility to address any situations that arise. It goes a long way to provide your contact information to your neighbors in case guests make any disturbances while staying at your Airbnb. That being said, the best case scenario would be if you could prevent excessive noise from happening at all while your property is rented. Airbnb noise monitoring devices can help you achieve this. Considering how many cities are now cracking down on short-term rental regulations, it is especially important to maintain positive relationships with your neighbors and community members.

Picking the right one

It’s important to pick the right Airbnb noise-monitoring device for you. The room monitoring device that will provide your short-term rental with the most coverage is Alertify. Alertify doesn’t only monitor for noise decibel levels. But it also monitors for indoor smoking, elevated occupancy levels, and air quality. If any of these activities occur with Alertify installed, Airbnb hosts receive notifications in real time. This allows Airbnb hosts or short-term rental operators to intervene before potential smoking damages, noise complaints, or damages from unwarranted parties occur. Users of Alertify also have access to an online dashboard. This is where users can view live and historical data of guest violations and organize their units. This data can also be downloaded into an after-incident file after a guest violation occurs. The after-incident report can be submitted as evidence in the event of a deposit dispute with a guest or a fraudulent chargeback. Protect your Airbnb from noise complaints and prevent what you can’t predict today, with Alertify.