How To Handle Airbnb Party Guests Without Canceling

cleaning after Airbnb parties

One can do everything in their power to avoid parties happening in their Airbnb, yet they still get stuck hosting a rowdy group. However, it is a pain to cancel these reservations after a booking. There may be a loss of profit on your part if the guests don’t want to cancel from their end. Reaching out to Airbnb support may not give you a timely solution. It is up to you as an Airbnb host if it is more worth it to deal with the party guests or cancel. Both choices have positives and negatives.

On the one hand, your Airbnb could be severely damaged. This could cause you to have to spend thousands on repairing damages. If you cancel booked reservations due to repairs, it could also cost you future stays. On the other hand, canceling any reservation can be troubling or simply not an option. And anyway, there is no guarantee the guests will trash your Airbnb. There is no guarantee they will keep it pristine, either. Let’s find out how you can handle Airbnb guests throwing parties without having to cancel the reservation.

Utilize guest screenings

As a preventative measure, screening your guests before their arrival may be a good idea. This will allow you to get an idea if they’re likely to throw a party at your Airbnb. If they are, this will enable you to prepare in advance and make sure they are aware parties are not tolerated. Of course, it will not always be obvious that guests are coming to throw a party. And even if you make these things clear, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to prevent them from happening in the moment. It is often after the guests have checked out that the hosts find there was a party. The aftermath is usually still present. By conducting a guest screening, you can determine if they are more or less a party risk. This will help you to decide how to best move forward.

If you have conducted a guest screening for a group and they seem likely to throw a party, you can prepare by notifying your neighbors of the risk. You can also know its probably a good idea to check-in with your guests at some point and remind them of any set quiet hours or no party rules.

Have clear Airbnb rules

Ensure your Airbnb rules are present on your listing and again onsite of your property to be reviewed by the guests. Airbnb guests looking to throw parties during their stay may be inclined to cancel on their end after seeing your house rules. It may be better for you as a host if the guests cancel. This is because you may still retain part of the profits rather than lose out on everything. If the party guests stay and completely ignore your rules and throw a party, you may also be compensated after the fact if you have evidence of this. While evidence is sometimes hard to prove, having it will give you a much stronger chance to receive compensation for damages after the fact. This is especially true if you have clearly stated no party rules which your guests have agreed to.

Charge a security deposit

Charing a security deposit can act as an incentive for the guests to be on their best behavior. In any case, a security deposit is always a good idea to charge. This is because you will either have something to fall back on should any damage occur to your property. Or, you motivate your guests to treat your property respectfully, as they will want their deposit returned. You cannot go wrong in charging a security deposit. Just be sure to openly communicate the possibility to your incoming guests of a security deposit. This way, they will not feel blindsided and will not have an issue paying it. If they have a problem and refuse to pay, this is probably for the best. These Airbnb guests are the most likely to throw parties, so it’s better if they cancel before you have to.

Keep an extra eye on your property

There is a new way to keep an eye on your Airbnb so that it is safe in the event you end up with party-throwing guests. Installing Alertify is the way to do this. Alertify is a camera-less home monitoring device. The device monitors noise, cigarette smoke, temperature levels, and occupancy. After installing Alertify, hosts will receive customizable notifications if any of the listed activities are occurring. You will also have access to an online portal to view reports of what happened and when. Not only does Alertify provide you with the evidence you need should damages occur, but it also allows you to get ahead of any parties or damages. All while respecting the privacy of your guests. Keep an extra eye on your Airbnb, and avoid having to cancel on guests who may throw parties with Alertify.