How To Prevent Parties In Your Airbnb

 It is well known among Airbnb hosts precisely how much personal time and money is invested into creating a positive and relaxing experience for your coming guests. Many details that guests may not even realize go into bringing everything together. Most guests appreciate the comfortable and memorable stays provided to them by hosts. Still, some guests disregard the effort and decide the property is their perfect party pad. When this happens, damages often occur to the property. This can look like ruined sheets, broken cabinets, or even doors pulled off their hinges. Whatever the injuries, they all have the same result. They have to spend more money. The inability to prevent parties in Airbnbs will only result in more significant losses of income than you had before. The scale of the damage, the frequency of Airbnb parties, and whether Airbnb hosting is a person’s sole income can be very costly. Below are a few things you can do to prevent parties in your Airbnb. 

Avoid 1 night reservations

Guests who are looking to book a reservation for only one night may be looking to throw a party. Of course, not all one-night bookings mean the guest will throw a party. Sometimes guests genuinely need a place to stay for one night because something unexpected comes up. One way to discern between these guests is to look more into their reservations. Some details to look out for in a one-night reservation are if they are arriving in a group, how old they are, or if it was a last-minute booking. If they are young adults with a large group, it may be possible they are coming for a party. A helpful way to understand more and have these questions answered is by completing a guest screening questionnaire. There are many online resources available to organize these questionnaires.

Complete a guest screening

Do not shy away from screening your guests as a way to prevent parties in your Airbnb. Guest screenings can seriously aid you as a host in gathering a basic understanding of your guests and the purpose of their stay. You can tell a lot about another person in how they communicate and how receptive they are to a guest screening process. Sometimes potential guests are evasive in answering questions. They may refuse to respect your rules or even say they are traveling for a party. In these situations, you can decide whether or not you would like them to stay at your Airbnb. Requiring a guest screening process before confirming a booking at your Airbnb also allows you to decide whether or not to charge guests a refundable security deposit. Setting risky guests a security deposit will help encourage them to treat your Airbnb respectfully. It will also leave you with the means to repair any damage. If you cannot entirely prevent the party from happening in your Airbnb, at least you have something extra to fall back on.

Include clearly in house rules that parties are not allowed

Guest screenings are, of course, helpful. Still, providing a clear set of house rules for your guests during their stay on your property is essential. Your house rules should be readily available in your Airbnb listing and when the guests arrive at your property. Having no party rules clearly stated should do a few things. Firstly, they should help deter those guests who are specifically looking for a place to throw a party. Secondly, they provide a fair pretext for the host to request that guests cover any party-related damages to the property. Making these rules available at multiple stages of the reservation will help guests to feel communicated with. It is essential guests do not feel in the dark about these rules.

Install Alertify, a privacy safe noise monitoring device

It never hurts to have extra help to ensure your Airbnb stays secure. A great way to do this while still maintaining the privacy of your guests is through Alertify. Alertify is a camera-less, plug-in-home monitoring device that monitors noise decibel levels. It is important to note that Alertify does not listen to or record conversations. Alertify can tell how many phones are present on your property, whether guests are smoking on the property or the temperature has risen. Hosts are alerted via email if any of these activities occur for five minutes or longer and in which room these activities took place. Now, hosts can deal with these situations accordingly before severe damages or noise complaints occur. With Alertify, hosts can see all infractions that may have happened on an online portal. Hosts can also see exactly when the activities occurred and how long they went on. Alertify allows hosts the proof they need when damages occur while respecting their guests’ privacy. Prevent parties in your Airbnb today with Alertify.