Why Your Hotel Needs Room Monitors To Be “Green”

Sustainability is undeniably important. This is true, no matter the industry. It is especially true and important, though, for the hospitality industry. This is because the hospitality industry relies on lots of water and energy consumption. In fact, the hospitality industry is directly responsible for 1% of all global carbon emissions. There are many ways to make your hospitality business more sustainable on a smaller scale. But making your hotel more sustainable on a larger scale can take time and effort to navigate. Here, you will discover how room monitors can help your hotel be more “green.”

Why your hotel should be green

As mentioned above, sustainability is crucial to the environment and our planet’s future. Not only is going green important from an environmental perspective, but it is important from a business perspective as well. Think about it, if your hotel is using additional energy from constant changes in air conditioning and heating, it will cost you heavily. If you were to keep an eye on the temperature changes in your hotel, it could help your business save money. Other sustainable changes your hotel can make, if it has not already, would be replacing your key cards with smart locks or automating your hotel’s energy. You will appreciate these changes as a business owner, and your guests will appreciate coming to your hotel. Many consumers have changed their buying habits based on whether a business is making efforts to be more sustainable. One of the many ways you can show your customers that you are making efforts to be more green is by going after green certifications.

Green certifications

Green certifications are an excellent thing for your hotel to have. They are hard proof that your hotel is making efforts to be sustainable, and consumers love to see it. There are various certifications that are beneficial for hotels to receive. For example, there are certifications for ensuring that your hotel rooms are quiet such as Quiet Room. There are also certificates for hotels to obtain that show they are smoking-free, such as Smoke-Free Compliant. These two certifications mentioned are great to show that your hotel fights against noise pollution and second-hand smoke, which contributes to air quality. The ultimate green certification you can get for hotels based in the US, though, is LEED. LEED has different certification levels to reach, each involving various factors. One of the factors for LEED certification hotels is to monitor their air quality.

Importance of air quality

As we are still not entirely out of the woods with COVID-19, monitoring air quality is more important than ever before. Poor air quality does not only come from a risk of catching COVID-19, of course. Bad air quality can occur if guests have smoked indoors, if there are pollutants such as carbon monoxide, or if there has been mold growth in the building. Poor air quality can also come from poor ventilation systems and humidity levels within the space. Part of ensuring that your hotel is “green” is monitoring the air quality within the hotel. This is reflected in the requirements for LEED certification. Air quality is essential for LEED certification and a factor that is becoming increasingly important for consumers. It was found that the air quality index of a hotel will impact 77% of customers when booking a stay, and 52% of guests would rather stay in a hotel with a better air quality index. So, the question becomes, what is the best way to monitor your hotel’s air quality? To make your hotel green, the answer is to use room monitors.

How room monitors help your hotel be green

Different room monitors have different features, of course. However, they may be just what your hotel needs to be more green. A room monitor like Alertify may help you solve these issues. Alertify is a small, plug-in room monitoring device that monitors air quality and temperature changes for hoteliers. Alertify also monitors excessive noise, indoor smoking, and elevated occupancy levels. After installing Alertify, hoteliers will have access to an online portal to view reports of the room’s temperature changes, CO2 levels, humidity levels, mold risk, and air quality. Using the online dashboard, hoteliers can also view reports of noise decibel levels and indoor smoking. Hoteliers will also receive customizable notifications in real-time if excessive noise, indoor smoking, or elevated occupancy levels are detected.

Don’t worry, Alertify has a very low power draw and will not cost you much in the way of additional electricity. Not only will Alertify save you thousands in allowing you to keep an eye on your temperature changes, as well as prevent against potential noise complaints, damage from unwarranted smoking or general party damages. With the air quality monitoring feature, Alertify can also help your hotel to achieve LEEDs certification, and other certifications you may be interested in. It’s time to go green and prevent what you can’t predict, with Alertify.