Why Your Airbnb Needs A Room Monitor This Summer

Despite all that is going on in the world right now, and that is a lot, people are still planning to travel and take what we are sure are much needed vacations. Whether they are traveling by train, plane or car, they will have their vacation. What this means for Airbnb hosts, is that there is plenty of opportunity to host great stays for traveling groups. This also means though that it is all the more likely some of these stays could result in some damage from unwarranted parties. This is one why your Airbnb needs a room monitor this summer, but let’s take a deeper look at it.

What will summer travel look like this year?

For US Americans, whether they are traveling by car or plane, travel is up by approximately 19% from the summer of 2022. This means that abut 80% of all US Americans have intention to travel this summer. Additionally, travel has already long surpassed what the pre-pandemic levels of travel were. Knowing that travel levels will be even higher than last year, it is important to take into consideration all of the ways you can ensure your property stays safe. House rules and security deposits can help encourage guests to be respectful to your property. Sometimes you need the opportunity to intervene before potential complaints or damages take place.

The party risks

With warm weather and high levels of traveling, there is plenty of opportunity for incoming guests to make themselves a bit too comfortable in your Airbnb. Now, this does not mean every guest you have booked this summer is coming to throw a party with their friends. However, with a larger amount of people traveling, it increases the chances of receiving guests who are party risks. There are some ways to prevent these guests from booking with you at all. But, it happens that their bookings still make it through. Or, maybe you don’t want to prevent these bookings at all, but only manage them better. If this is the case, room monitors are a perfect solution for you and your Airbnb this summer.

Indoor smoking

As I am sure you know, unwarranted indoor smoking can cause great damage to your short-term rental properties. The smoke does not only ruin painted walls, but the smell sticks to absolutely everything. In order to get the smell out properly, stronger and more expensive cleaning equipment is often necessary. This might not seem like such a big deal. But, it can be a very big deal if you have other guests arriving to your Airbnb the same day this happened. This event could result in complaints or negative reviews for you and your business. Alternatively, if you have to cancel a booking due to severe damages from unwarranted smoking, this may cost you even more. The bottom line is that unwarranted smoking will cost you time, money and effort retuning your property to the shape it was in prior to the incident.

Noise complaints

Noise complaints are among the most common complaints made to Airbnb hosts, and excessive noise is a huge reason as to why some cities are looking to ban or limit short term rentals. Excessive noise is disruptive to neighbors, and the larger community. While of course you want your guests to have a pleasant and fun time, it should be done respectfully. Having a positive relationship with your neighbors is very important as an Airbnb host. And making no effort to minimize excessive noise in your Airbnb will only harm these relationships. By installing room monitors in your Airbnb, you will be alerted in real time if things are getting too noisy. With room monitors, you have the opportunity to prevent possible noise complaints. This will allow you to maintain positive relationships with your neighbors, which will only protect your business in the long run.

Room monitors eliminate the party risk

While there are many room monitors out there, the best room monitor to eliminate the party risk in your Airbnb this summer is Alertify. Alertify is a small, plug-in that monitors noise decibel levels, indoor smoke, high occupancy levels, temperature changes and more. All while being privacy safe. Via customizable notifications, Alertify notifies hosts in real time if guests are making excessive noise, smoking indoors or inviting unapproved guests to your Airbnb. After installing Alertify, Airbnb hosts also have access to an online portal. Here, they can view downloadable reports of which of these activities occurred and when. These downloadable and printable reports provide you the proof you need in the event of fraudulent chargebacks. If you ever need to hold onto a security deposit due to damages, now you have the proof to safely do so. Make sure your Airbnb is ready for this summer by installing the room monitor Alertify.