From Complaints to Compliments: Enhance Your Hotel’s Reputation with a Noise Monitor

Are you tired of receiving complaints about noise disturbances at your hotel? It’s time to turn those complaints into compliments and enhance your hotel’s reputation while keeping your hotel safe. Introducing Alertify – the ultimate noise monitor for the hospitality industry. With a noise monitor in place, you can ensure a peaceful and enjoyable stay […]

Get seamless STR management with the Alertify x Hostaway integration

Alertify Hostaway Integration

Alertify is pleased to announce our recent integration with Hostaway, a leading all-in-one vacation rental and Airbnb management system. In the dynamic sphere of vacation rentals, prioritizing guest satisfaction, efficient short-term rental management, and overall operational effectiveness is paramount. The collaboration between Hostaway and Alertify brings forth a solution that streamlines short-term rental management and […]