Protect your home from guests breaking the rules


What does Alertify do

Alertify is a smart home monitoring device like no other. Prevention is always better than cure. Alertify helps you prevent that which you can't always predict by monitoring your home at all times. The device is equipped with a high tech sensor array to monitor indoor smoking, detect parties through noise monitoring and device count, as well as temperature misuse. Just set it up and you'll receive alerts as soon as a disturbance is detected.

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Easily Customizable

Easily set up custom triggers for various types of alerts in each home or room.


Easy to Set Up

Easy to set up and connect to the internet with an incredibly low power draw.


Documented Proof

Access all documented proof of any irregularities with detailed information.


Immediate Notifications

Receive instant alerts surrounding any irregularities in your home on your phone.

Alertify helps you protect your home more effectively from misbehaving guests

Cigarette & Vape Smoke Particle Detection

Active Noise Monitoring

Mobile Notifications

Active Temperature Monitoring

Occupancy Meter

Dashboard & Analytics

Quickly protect your home from the unpredictable

Be the first to know about noise issues, damages or false complaints, and protect your most important asset.

Peace of mind in your pocket

If Alertify detects any disturbance or irregularities in your home, you'll receive an instant alert and be able to act accordingly.

Maintain a good reputation in your neighborhood

With real-time notifications and alerts you can prevent problems from escalating, and bad actors from damaging your reputation with the neighborhood.