Noise, smoking and occupancy monitoring solution for hotels & resorts

Intervene before guest behaviour escalates, and monitor for violations in real time. Access historical data and generate reports as evidence in the event of a deposit chargeback.

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The monitoring solution that does it all

Noise Monitoring

Actively monitor noise levels and take action before escalations result in noise complaints.

Smoking Detection

Alertify accurately detects smoking and vaping, preventing expensive smoke damage from ever occurring.

Occupancy meter

Know when your guests have gatherings or parties and intervene before a crowd turns into a party.

Temperature & Humidity

Guests leave on the AC after checking out? Save money and the environment. Also find out if there is any mold risk.

Intervene before a violation escalates

Unfortunately, some guests will break the rules, but you’ll know about it before things get out of hand. With Alertify you’ll be able to prevent further damages and complaints from neighboring rooms.

Documentary evidence at your fingertips

Guests often are charged a deposit or fee for damages, though regularly charge that back. Should a guest file a chargeback for a deposit or damages, you’ll have the extra documentation you need to dispute that chargeback with the credit card company.

Customized to your exact needs

As a hotel, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager. Together, we’ll set up Alertify to monitor what you need it to, when you need it to. Set up multiple users, excluding cleaning hours from monitoring and much more.

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Alertify monitors ambient temperature and humidity with an onboard sensor. Because this is always active, we can monitor for changes all the time and establish patterns.

Your Alertify device will do this for you. All you need to do is set thresholds and quiet hours. You don’t even need to do that, Alertify is preset to detect loud noises and parties, and will notify you as soon as it detects one. You’ll be able to resolve the problem before any noise complaints from neighboring rooms come in.

Absolutely. Our device was built with privacy in mind. The device has no cameras, nor does it record or transmit any sound.

Nope. We monitor audio levels by the decibel. The Alertify device can accurately detect noise levels, but cannot record sound.

Yes, Alertify detects cigarette or vape particles through a sophisticated particle sensor.

Yep. Our accurate particle sensor combined with smart software allows us to detect if somebody is smoking cannabis in one of your rooms.

That’s the name of the game for our business. We’ll let you know if a party is happening or about to happen based on active noise levels and increases in occupancy. If a large group walks into a two person room, you’ll know about it.

For hotels, we recommend one device per hotel room. For a very large suite or penthouse, more sensors will provide better accuracy.