Enterprise monitoring device for Hotels & Property Managers


Monitor and protect all of your properties and rooms in one place. Save time, money and headaches.

About Alertify

A simple monitoring device that is easy to set up and use

Alertify is a smart monitoring device for your building or hotel. Our device will detect irregularities and notify you of them right away, allowing you to take immediate action when necessary. The device detects smoking, noise violations, large groups and actively monitors temperature and CO(2).

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Cigarette & Vape Smoke Detection


Active Temperature Monitoring


Active Noise Monitoring


Privacy First Design


Mobile Notifications


Dashboard & Analytics

How it works

Alertify helps you protect and monitor your property more efficiently

Save time to put towards things that actually bring you revenue

The Alertify app instantly notifies you of any detections in your units, allowing you to intervene quickly and avoid lengthy and costly resolutions.

Quickly prevent what you can’t predict at all of your properties

In your dashboard, you can access all historical data, view seasonal trends and customize alert thresholds as you see fit.

Keep your neighbors and residents happy

Don't let a nuisance escalate into something worse. Maintain your good reputation as a neighbor and member of the community without ever being that "party house next door".