25 July, 2020
Why Should You Install A Sound Detector In Your Vacation Rental Home?

If you own a vacation rental home then there are many things that you should do in order to protect your property against any damage and theft. It is also not that easy to take care of your rental home if the property is away from your home. With the advancement of technology, there are now many devices available that can help you make your rental home more secure and give you peace of mind when you are not around or on your own travels. There are many ways to make your property more secure, and installing a sound detector is one of those ways.

Before starting we need to explain what a sound detector is and how it works. In simple words, it is a small circuit board in which a microphone and some processing circuitry are installed. This board helps with a lot of things such as giving audio output, processing sound and monitoring the level of decibels.

Now that you know what a sound detector is, it is time to find out why you should install this in your rental vacation home. In this article, we highlight the main reasons you need to know why you should install an audio detector in your rental home.

Below are a couple of points that will help you to understand why you should install a sound detector in your vacation rental home.

Better Security

Better security is a no brainer. You will get more details about this further down in the article, but if you are planning to increase the security of your property, you must invest in a sound detector. Although security cameras do a great job, there are some things that security cameras don't provide or lack in terms of creating a secure environment. Installing sound detectors will not only allow you to monitor your vacation rental home with better accuracy but will also allow you to secure your property more effectively, thus increasing the security of your property. Additionally, if one system should fail due to unforeseen circumstances, you can always rely on the other to monitor your property. Having two systems working together in tandem is always better than having only one.

They Are Useful In Dark Environments

This is one of the main reasons why you should install a sound detector in your vacation rental home. A sound detector is able to detect sound from any angle and in any environment accurately, unlike a security camera that might struggle in low-light conditions or areas that are difficult to access. Installing a sound detector in areas where a security camera struggles or is unable to provide a clear picture will help with protecting your property against damage and theft giving you peace of mind when you are not at physically at the property or when you have guests staying over.

Cost-Effective Option

One of the major advantages of installing a sound detector is that they are a cost-effective option when compared to installing a state-of-the-art security system complete with computer screens and someone monitoring the screens 24/7. If you don’t have a big budget to invest in good quality security cameras or systems, then sound detectors are a great option. You would be able to find cheap security cameras or systems on the market, but they wouldn't be able to provide clear resolution and video quality and are not that durable. Quality sound detectors such as Alertify are available at a fraction of the cost to a state-of-the-art security system. If you don’t want to compromise on the security and also don’t want to break your bank, then installing a sound detector is a sure way to improve the security in your vacation rental property.

More Coverage

Sound detectors can cover more areas in comparison to other security devices such as security cameras or motion sensors. A sound detector can cover a wider area than most security cameras, which are limited by their range of motion. This becomes especially effective in areas where a security camera or motion detector would not have a free range of motion such as tight corners at the ends of the property, areas covered by shrubs or bushes or areas with a wall blocking its field of vision. A sound detector, however, is limited by range as well, but can comfortably cover around 5000 square feet in a straight line. This would allow it to detect sounds that are on the other side of walls, or behind objects that would otherwise block a security camera from detecting.

Can Detect Intruders Before They Break-In

A major advantage of having a sound detector installed in your vacation rental property is that it can pinpoint the sound and notify you as soon as it's detected so that you can take the necessary actions to prevent damage or theft. This works especially well in notifying you if someone has entered your property that shouldn't be there otherwise. A security system, on the other hand, would only notify the security company after someone has entered your home. This delay in reaction gives the intruders time to get what they want before the police or security company arrives. A sound detector can help you protect your property and save you a lot of money from damages caused as a result thereof.

You Have More Control

If you have hired someone to take care of your property and guests in your vacation rental home, a sound detector can help you control the actions of this person and help identify if they are indeed taking care of your property and behaving professionally with your guests. After all, your property and guests are your source of income and losing this would put you out of pocket. The chances of any criminal activities happening at your property will be prevented with a sound detector installed. You will also be able to know if there are any conflicts happening in or around your property and you will be able to get every single detail that is important for you to know.

These are some of the main advantages of having a sound detector installed in vacation rental property. However, you would need to take all the necessary safety measures to protect your property from any damage and/or theft. Sound detection units can only help in creating a secure environment for you and your guests and assist in preventing damage and/or theft. We hope this article will allow you to make an informed decision and provides clarity on why you should install a sound detector in your rental home.