25 July, 2020
Top 4 Technology devices needed in Short Term Rentals

Nowadays, investing in properties seems to be a profitable and growing trend. But investing in properties has its own shortcomings. Keeping and maintaining short term rental properties seems to be a troublesome task since one has to consider two main factors. One thing is that you need to protect the property from unruly guests or unwelcome intruders. Another thing is to keep the tenants safe and secure from any potential hazards or dangers that may arise.

To help you make a better decision, smart home tech devices are being devised in the market and these devices allow you to protect your properties remotely, through push-notification technology, in case of emergencies.

But where do you start you might be asking yourself? Well, we’ve got your back and put together a list of the top 4 technology devices that you need in your short term rental property.

Smart Lock

By far, a smart lock is probably one of the best devices to invest in to help secure your property from unwelcome intruders. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but also that of your guest. They can sleep comfortably at night knowing that their room or apartment is securely locked and only accessible with a code that they know.

With the help of a smartphone, you can provide access to your guests just by offering them the code or virtual key. Once the guest has checked-out, you can change the code and have it ready for the next guest. If the stay period of your tenant is over, you can just change the code of your smart lock so that your new guest may access the property.

The major advantage of these devices is that they are entirely programmable and allow you to secure your property remotely and quickly.

Here are some of the best smart lock devices currently in the market.

Smart Doorbells

Installing a Smart doorbell allows you to see who is at your property without you actually being there. When we think of a traditional doorbell we all hear the unmistakable “ding-dong” ringing in our heads, but a smart doorbell makes no noise but does send you a notification to say that someone is at your door. This gives you the ability to monitor your guests or if you are having maintenance work done.

You can also welcome your guests in with some of the smart doorbells available if you are not able to welcome them in person. This kind of welcoming may add a personal touch to your hosting skills and set you apart from the rest. Doorbells can also be used if your guest cannot be able to access your property for some reason. In such a situation, they may ring the doorbell to alert you and you can unlock the home by enabling a smart door lock device.

When compared to security cameras video doorbells are less expensive and can also be installed easily. Additionally, these smart doorbells seem to be less intrusive when compared to all other doorbells in the market. Some of the examples of smart doorbells are Google Nest Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell system.

Noise Monitor

The majority of property owners or managers struggle to control or protect themselves from unruly guests that are hosting a party in their home, or how to safeguard their property but still maintain their guests’ privacy. This is where noise monitors come into effect as they are able to alert you to any kind of disturbance and allow you as host or manager to take action.

Installing a noise monitoring device in your property may help you in managing guests' noise levels and provide you with protection when a guest does indeed host a party. Alertify is a noise monitoring system that notifies you when the noise has reached a predetermined threshold and allows you to take action. It can also help you to secure your property and protect it from potential damage.

Smart Thermostats

With the help of smart thermostats, the tenants may feel comfy in their short term rentals. The property owner can alter the temperature of their property remotely just by installing a smart thermostat device in their home. In case the temperature of the home is altered or if there is any issue in the air conditioning unit then the owner will get an alert or message on their smartphone. Tenants prefer homes with air conditioning and heating units therefore fixing a thermostat device will preferably add an extra advantage to your property.

These smart thermostat devices will also save money by lowering the temperature of the home and also gives the guests a comfy environment to live in. As we all know, paying air conditioning bills will definitely drain all our money and thus having a smart thermostat device will reduce our cost to a great extent.

An example of a smart thermostat device would be Alertify which houses a thermostat unit to help you regulate and control temperatures in your home and notifies you if the thermostat is being mistreated in any way.

For all of us, our property is one of our most precious and valuable assets. Maintaining and monitoring the safety of the home and the guest is more crucial and important too. Presently, the introduction of smart tech devices in the market helped the property owners to secure their properties easily without disturbing the privacy of the tenants.

Installing the above-listed devices in your home is becoming easier these days while securing your property at the same time.