25 July, 2020
Make your Airbnb rental stand out with these photo tips from the pros

Everyone agrees with the fact that a great listing includes a lot of effort and among the most important things to consider is taking great pictures. Let’s suppose you’ve done everything and created that perfect Airbnb space that you always wanted, but now you’re not getting a lot of bookings. It’s simply because your presentation skills are lacking.

Taking pictures in a professional way wins anytime over the conventional snap and upload approach. Saying that, uploading some great property pictures of the whole space is valuable would be an understatement. This is because pictures are the very first thing that potential guests go through when they’re considering properties on Airbnb and does play a significant role in whether your space is booked or not. There are listings with beautiful pictures that capture a lot of attention, generate a lot of interest and ultimately convert into bookings.

So if you plan to shoot everything by yourself, here we have listed some unconventional and beautiful Airbnb photography tips to fetch a lot of bookings for your space while making these pictures appear a lot better than before.

Select a corner for shooting

This technique has been used for a long time and it generates a lot of interest for bookings. Compared to this, shooting at a flat angle with wall support makes space appear a lot smaller than they actually are, while corners provide you a sense of what the entire space looks like and how large it actually is.

Upon taking pictures for the listing, it’s best to consider the rule of thirds for balancing and visual cues for noticing details. Guests just need to notice your uniqueness and eventually, your place will appear different from the rest.

Take pictures of the outdoor space

Pictures of the outdoor space are just as important as the inside space pictures. Giving your guests the ability to view the entire apartment/home from both inside and outside, allows them to make a better-informed decision and make them feel more at home.

To help with this, take note of the first and last hour of the sunlight as these are often the best times for shooting outdoors. It’s called the “Golden Hour.” During these hours the light is in its softest form (highly diffused) and this brings out a dynamic color range. If your property is located nearby a major attraction make sure to capture some great shots of it as well.

Make sure to use a tripod and set a self-timer

Using a tripod goes a long way to get better-looking pictures with lots of details. It allows you to point the camera in the right direction and have a much sharper and clearer picture to use than if you had to stand and hold the camera yourself. Using this with a self-timer, allows you to also step back and get the bigger picture, allowing you to make small adjustments before the picture is taken. It also helps with eliminating camera shake and blurring the picture.

Pro tip: Set your camera to aperture priority mode for these shots. It will make the necessary adjustments that will bring out the best in the image.

Highlight all features that stand out

Does your listing include a stunning backyard patio? A great kitchen? A barbeque? Is there a special kids room with toys and teddy bears? Does your home offer spectacular views of the countryside? A fireplace? With stunning pictures of all amenities you can show your guests everything there is to show that makes your property worth booking. Highlight the main features of your property makes your property stand out from the rest and captures attention.

But, don’t forget the finer details as well as guests also love crisp little details - items that provide a rich personality and life to your property. So make sure that the little things aren’t missed. Everyone loves spaces that are cozy and interesting.

Cleaning the whole area

While photo editing features might have improved a lot in the recent past, you can easily get some great looking pictures with a clean property. The very first thing to do before taking pictures is to arrange things in order. A clean and welcoming apartment will make your property stand out from the rest. The pictures must showcase the space and also help in setting the expectations of the guests before they book.

Listings with beautiful pictures get a lot more attention, spark interest and get a lot more bookings than those that don’t, so you need to consider investing some time to make your listing stand out and capture it perfectly. Highlight the most interesting part of your space and let your guest book your space with confidence and trust.

Make sure to maintain tidiness not only for the pictures but in general as well. While cleaning up, you have to be sure that the picture aligns closely with actual space while these are there. Pictures can be true reflections of how the guests find it.

Have well-lit interiors

For any photographer, light is their best friend. With great lighting, your pictures will appear a lot more professional and show your potential guests exactly why they should book with you.

Pro tip: You can either shoot during the day or just turn on the lighting in the apartment or home. A combination of natural and artificial lighting also works well. A lot of modern cameras easily adjust well for bright spots, but it’s best to focus cameras away from exceptionally bright areas such as windows when it’s possible.

Have all season pictures of your listing

Every season highlights different occasions and the same can be indicated with the pictures you upload for your listing. A house in Denver would be great for a long winter ski trip and also for hiking trails during the summer. With exterior photography in multiple seasons, you can easily show all of that. You can show your house covered in fresh winter powder snow or just against the backdrop of bright fall leaves - everything does well for an inviting gesture.

Overall we can say that the key to improve your property listing on Airbnb is getting superior quality pictures uploaded and followed by memorable experiences. With more, you get more, so having more pictures excites more people. You can cover subjects with versatility, go detailed, broad, and also provide prospective guests with a fine idea of what your space looks like. Complement all these with great reviews and you’ll soon notice your listing to be on top.