25 July, 2020
5 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Welcome Guide

Every vacation rental owner knows that the first impression a guest gets of the property is extremely important. Creating a good first impression of your property is not that simple, but once created, it can be a very valuable asset and generate future bookings. But, how do you create a lasting first impression of your property that will make your guests come back every single year for their vacation, and something that they can share with their friends and family? To answer this, we're taking a look at how a digital welcome guide can solve this and make your guests be super impressed with your property and hosting skills.

What is a Digital Welcome Guide?

A digital welcome guide is simply an electronic version of the welcome guide left on the coffee table or kitchen counter that guests go through to get important information about the property, the Wi-Fi password, house rules, surrounding area, and local attractions and things to do while on vacation. With a digital welcome guide, you can have this sent to your guests prior to their arrival so that they can familiarize themselves with the house rules, get a better understanding of the property and what they can expect and help them plan their daily activities for the duration of their vacation.

Often times, the printed version of a welcome guide is never consulted or, at most glanced over once and never thought of again.

Importance of a Digital Welcome Guide

The majority of travelers or vacation makers have access to their mobile phones, laptops, or iPads while on vacation. These devices have become so integrated into our lives that we can't go without them for more than 2 minutes. This gives you as the host, the perfect opportunity to always be within reach. Sending your guests a digital welcome guide allows your guests to always access the information presented and consult it while out and about, exploring the city or area they are in. It also gives them the opportunity to explore restaurants, bars, events, and shows you recommended. You become their virtual tour guide in an instant.

It helps in relieving 'hosting headaches'

What's the code for the entryway? How do I work with the dishwasher? Where do you keep additional towels?

Guests constantly ask questions, even for the smallest thing. Once in a while, the consistent torrent of calls and messages may cause them to bother you every few seconds while you're enjoying some off time yourself or away for business. This can get rather annoying and cause unnecessary headaches. To alleviate stress on your side and make your guests' stay as smooth and comfortable as possible, a digital welcome guide is needed.

A digital welcome guide lets you store very important information that your guest would need. Rather than messaging the entrance code, dishwasher guidelines, Wi-Fi password, and other extremely important and relevant information, they can quickly and easily find it in the digital welcome guide. The only time you'll hear from your guests, is when they arrive, praise you for their experience and when they leave.

It helps in supporting local businesses

Learning the intricate details of a network can take years. For visitors who are visiting for a few days, it's just too difficult to find the different Mother-and-pop shops, the neighborhood's most loved restaurants, and other concealed diamonds without any direction. That's where a digital welcome guide comes in handy. With your knowledge of the area and all the best places to visit and experience, you are guiding them as they make their way through the town or city. This helps promote local businesses, grow the local economy and bring in more visitors, and they would all need a place to stay.

This will not make you a rockstar in your guest's eyes, but it will help you generate income for the entire neighborhood and surrounding areas.

It remains with the guests where ever they go

Conventional welcome guides, as stated before, hardy ever get noticed or just gather dust on the coffee table or kitchen counter. A digital welcome guide can be sent to your guests as soon as they book, providing them with key information long before they even arrive. This gives your guests the impression that you are organized, informative and a professional at what you do, putting them at ease and setting the tone for the rest of their vacation or trip.

The bonus is that your digital welcome guide will be in your visitors' pockets all through their entire stay. That implies they can look at your preferred restaurants while they're all over the place, or discover nearby spots without careful research before they leave for the afternoon. What's more, if they'd preferably haul around a classic paper adaptation, they can print the PDF, as well.

It also highlights your personality

Each vacation rental is different; your digital welcome guide also needs to be different. The guide needs to be all about you, your property (brand), the area and your recommendations. Put your own personal touch to the welcome guide so that your guests get to know who you are and what they can expect. If you can't create your own digital welcome book, find a provider that allows you to customize it with a look and feel that matches your business' personality while still maintaining a professional look.

Guests expect it from their hosts

As the need for professionalism is increasing in demand in the tourism industry and so are the expectations of guests. Visitors are no longer interested in looking for a spot to crash; they are now looking for the hosts to be helpful and informative. With the help of a digital welcome guide, visitors can interact with and utilize it to explore places of interest and make the most of the stay.

A digital welcome guide is not the only way to making a lasting first impression, but it is a valuable tool that can set the tone of your guest's stay and how they rate you as a host. It also allows your guests to share this with their friends and family, and access it any time. A digital welcome guide goes a long way in creating a truly professional experience for your guests.