5 Questions To Ask When Screening Airbnb Guests

Implementing a guest screening, or background check for your Airbnb guests is an efficient way to get to know who will be staying in your property. The important thing to remember when creating an Airbnb background check is to not be too invasive. The main information you should gain from a guest screening is the […]

How To Detect Cigarette Smoke In Your Property

Indoor smoking is very damaging to your property, especially over a long period of time. Long-term cigarette smoking inside causes damage to your walls, furniture, linens, and more. What’s worse is that cigarette smoke is difficult to detect and even harder to prove. Proving indoor smoking is time-consuming and doesn’t always work out. This is […]

How To Save Money As An Airbnb Host

As an Airbnb host, it is essential to save money in your business where you can because travel is cyclical. While travel does happen year-round, tourism season is between June – August in the Northern Hemisphere. The main contributing factors to this time of year being the most traveled are due to the weather and […]

Are Guests Sneaking Extra People Into Your Airbnb?

When running an Airbnb, it can be difficult to know if your guests are sneaking in additional people. As an Airbnb host, it is incredibly important to know whether additional guests are present at your Airbnb. When extra guests are snuck into your Airbnb, this creates a fire hazard and party risk on your property […]

How To Prevent Guests From Smoking In Your Airbnb

When operating an Airbnb, especially off-property, anything can happen. While most Airbnb guests usually respect the properties they book, some will use an Airbnb as their own personal party pad. Anything can happen, whether it’s inviting extra, unapproved guests or smoking inside. And even if most guests aren’t smokers or won’t smoke inside your Airbnb, […]

5 Reasons Your Airbnb Needs Noise Monitoring Devices

If you are an Airbnb host, you know the complications that can come with the job. One of the most significant issues when hosting an Airbnb is the noise that guests make. Even if you include quiet hours in your house rules and online listings, it can be difficult to enforce them. Although it may […]

How To Maintain Positive Relationships As An Airbnb Host

As an Airbnb host, your relationship with your community members and neighbors can make or break your business. Whether your Airbnb is a house or an apartment, it is rare that a property does not belong to a community and is without neighbors. Airbnb is an excellent opportunity for hosts to earn additional income and […]

Why Your Hotel Needs A Room Monitor This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, so travel will soon be in full swing. The summer season is traditionally the busiest time of year for travel, partially because of the summer breaks many children and college students experience but mainly due to just how warm the weather is. Most people are looking to catch a […]

Three Things Your California Based Airbnb Needs

No matter where you open your Airbnb or short-term rental, you need to know the legalities of the state and county you plan on opening your Airbnb. California, in particular, is a state where the short-term rental industry is more heavily regulated. The specific regulations will depend on which city you are in. However, California […]

How To Prevent Your Tenants From Smoking Indoors

When renting your property longterm, it is difficult to discover if your tenant has been smoking in your property until after they have moved out. And whether your property is large or small, it will sustain damage if indoor smoking occurs. Long-term damage from indoor smoking is not only costly to repair, but will cost […]