How To Handle Unexpected Situations At Your Hotel

No matter how well-run your hotel is, it is not immune to unexpected situations that can occur. That being said, it is crucial to prepare yourself and your staff as best as you can ahead of time. Being prepared for these events allows you and your staff to deal with the problems with more ease […]

Why Your Hotel Needs Room Monitors To Be “Green”

Sustainability is undeniably important. This is true, no matter the industry. It is especially true and important, though, for the hospitality industry. This is because the hospitality industry relies on lots of water and energy consumption. In fact, the hospitality industry is directly responsible for 1% of all global carbon emissions. There are many ways […]

How To Know When Your Airbnb Has Extra Guests

When running an Airbnb, it can be hard to ensure in a privacy-safe way that your guests are not sneaking any extra people to avoid paying more for their stay. It can also be tricky making sure that extra guests aren’t coming for an Airbnb party that might have slipped past you. Of course, you […]

Why Your Airbnb Needs A Room Monitor This Summer

Despite all that is going on in the world right now, and that is a lot, people are still planning to travel and take what we are sure are much needed vacations. Whether they are traveling by train, plane or car, they will have their vacation. What this means for Airbnb hosts, is that there […]

The Holidays You’ll Need Room Monitors For In Your Hotel

4th of July noise

As the high tourism season begins to wind up again, a few holidays come with it. While they are great fun to celebrate, sometimes celebrations can get out of hand. Especially considering the number of people who travel just for these holidays and enjoy them by drinking and partying. None of these things is bad, […]

How Room Monitors Keep Your Hotels Safe

You might feel skeptical about room monitors and their ability to keep your hotels safe, especially since they are a newly emerging tool for hotels and short-term rentals. However, they can be a really great way for you to keep an eye on your hotel rooms. All while respecting the privacy of your guests. Installing […]

Best Ways To Prevent Smoking In Your Unique Hostel

When running a hospitality business such as a hostel, it is typical for damages from guests to be made. One of the most costly damages is from unwarranted smoking. Unwarranted smoking can cause damage to the paint, furniture, and linens. Cleaning the room after unwarranted smoking becomes more expensive, too. This is because different cleaning […]

5 Ways To Make Your Airbnb Stand Out In 2023

As travel has picked up again, the short-term rental industry has only become more competitive. That being said, it is important to make your Airbnb stand out in 2023 to attract new customers and stay ahead of the competition. There are plenty of ways to make your Airbnb unique, but let’s take a look at […]

Optimize Your Hotel For Remote Workers In 2023

Keeping up with consumer trends is one of the most important things for any business. And one of the most prevalent working trends since the pandemic has been remote workers. Hotels can undoubtedly benefit from this trend, especially considering one of the attractive perks of working remotely is being able to work from anywhere. Knowing […]

Best Ways To Maintain Your Hostel With Technology

Technology integration is essential to any hospitality business. This is especially true because how people plan their trips and decide where they will stay relies almost entirely on technology. It is possible to plan and travel without it, but using the internet to research locations and accommodations is indeed the norm. Hospitality businesses such as […]