How To Handle High Employee Turnover At Your Hotel

new employee at a hotel with high turnover

The hospitality industry is one with an above-average employee turnover rate. While there is not one cause for it, and no company is immune to high employee turnover, there are a few different ways to manage it. High employee turnover is, for the most part, an internal issue. Externally, there will always be stress. It […]

How To Prepare Your Airbnb For The Holiday Season

Airbnb decorations for the holiday season

Every holiday season, people travel to spend it with their family and friends. While travel took a hit not so long ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has rebounded this past year. Travel has already surpassed pre-pandemic levels, and it is expected that 47% of Americans will travel this holiday season. Considering this, it […]

How To Handle Airbnb Party Guests Without Canceling

cleaning after Airbnb parties

One can do everything in their power to avoid parties happening in their Airbnb, yet they still get stuck hosting a rowdy group. However, it is a pain to cancel these reservations after a booking. There may be a loss of profit on your part if the guests don’t want to cancel from their end. […]

How To Cut Costs In Your Hotel

lowering hotel costs

This is important in any business to be aware of your expenses and keep them under control, as well as increase your overall profits. One of the best ways to achieve these things is by lowering costs in your hotel. Reducing costs in your hotel will increase your overall revenue and profit, allowing you to […]

Why You Should Use Noise Monitors As A Landlord

rental apartment with noise monitoring

Whether you rent out a house or an apartment, your property might benefit from noise monitoring. Property damage is one of the most common challenges landlords face while housing tenants. While damage to your property in some way is bound to happen, situations do occur where more significant damages take place. Normal wear and tear […]

How Noise Monitoring Can Help Solve Neighbor Disputes

apartments with noisy neighbors

Having noisy neighbors can be a huge inconvenience, especially in an apartment building. Whether you hear your neighbors often yelling, playing music through the night, or throwing constant parties, it is all an annoyance. Ideally, you would not hear anything your neighbors do. However, when living near others, this can be hard to avoid. What […]

What Are The Most Costly Hotel Damages

cleaning hotel room

Damages to hotels, accidental or on purpose, can be very costly. Hotels can spend upwards of $250,000 annually for more severe damages to the carpet or furniture. Even more minor damages, such as a broken wine glass or lamp, can cost anywhere between $5,000 – $12,000. These damages can be highly costly to hotels, especially […]

Why You Should Integrate Technology Into Your Hotel

hotel lobby technology

Technology has become increasingly important in our daily lives. The Covid-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst, forcing the world to go contactless in more ways than one. You can see this anywhere you go. From self-check-out stands in Uniqlo stores to the ordering screens at McDonald’s and the self-check-in stands at airports. Self-check-in and ordering […]

How To Handle Chargebacks At Your Hotel

guest paying a hotel security deposit

It’s not uncommon for hotels to require a security deposit during a guest’s stay. Usually, these are returned in full as most guests do not damage their hotel rooms. However, situations arise when a guest becomes careless with the room, and something gets damaged. When this happens, hoteliers have every right to keep some or […]

How To Optimize Administrative Work At Your Hotel

hotel operations optimization

Whether your hotel is a large one or a small one, administrative work is the piece that takes up most of your time and the time of your employees. Administrative work does not result in profit for your company. Despite this, it plays a vital role in company operations. Due to human error, administrative work […]