Prevent what
you can't predict

Noise, smoke, occupancy monitoring, and more for rental properties and hotels.


One device for 100%
peace of mind

Alertify actively monitors for violations that you can’t always predict. Keep your property noise, smoke and complaint free. One sensor for 100% insight.

Set and forget

5 Minutes to set up

Automatically updates

Available in all plug types

The monitoring solution that does it all


Guests come to your hotel to relax and recharge. Don't allow loud guests to ruin the relaxing atmosphere.


Stop guests from sneaking a cigarette and stinking up the hotel room. Prevent complaints and bad reviews.


Know when your guests have gatherings or parties and intervene before a crowd turns into a party.

Temp & Humidity

Guests leave on the AC after checking out? Save money andmonitor for mold risk.
*Pro only

Notifications in real time

Set custom thresholds and receive instant notifications of noise, smoking and more. Log into the Alertify dashboard on your device to see more detailed information.

Notification types

Custom API Integrations
Download sample incident report

Dashboard for historical data and violation reports

Review all past reports of noise violations, indoor smoking and more at any time. Generate violation reports for guest and credit card disputes.

Key features

View data in real time, and review or export any historical data

Export documentary evidence reports for deposit chargebacks and guest disputes

Integrate with Property Management Systems (PMS) to incorporate guest data

How Alertify works

Guest violates quiet hours, occupancy limits and is smoking.

Alertify notifies you of violations taking place.

Home page #2-min

You contact your guest to remedy the situation.

Guest quiets down and/or stops smoking.

Timely interventions prevent further damage and more.

Download violation reports as evidence for any disputes.

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“Alertify sensors are essential for us providing a safe short-term rental experience for property partners, neighbors, and guests.”
Josh Rogers
CEO of Envitae
“Excellent party prevention. These should be mandatory for any host that rents out remotely!”

Airbnb Superhost
“It must have saved me from around 10 smoking incidents this year alone! I think that pays for itself!”


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